Modern playgrounds for the garden

How to combine modern, minimalist design with having fun? By choosing durable, safe garden playgrounds and children’s playhouses from Pinegard. Give your child a play space that is free of clichés, protruding elements, and risky solutions.


Modern playgrounds and children's play houses by Pinegard

At Pinegard, we design modern children’s playgrounds that will make your garden more aesthetically pleasing. These are not multicoloured, cliché metal ladders, swings, and merry-go-rounds. Our children’s playgrounds constitute minimalist wooden structures that, despite their form, allow for great outdoor fun. Just like the Scandinavian-style wooden play houses, which will perfectly complement the children’s area in the garden.

What do Pinegard's wooden constructions for children look like?

At Pinegard we produce garden playgrounds from high-quality wood, which is dense and therefore very durable. This means you don’t have to worry about any of the boards breaking at the first bump. Moreover, we take care of their perfect finish, sanding the individual elements so that no scratches or abrasions occur during play. We know how important the safety of the youngest is, so we take due care in the construction of our outdoor playgrounds made of wood, which will allow your child to actively spend time outdoors.

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    Pinegard wooden children's play houses and playgrounds for the garden - advantages

    Our playgrounds and children’s play houses for the garden stand for a minimum of form and a maximum of fun. Unlike widely available solutions of this type, we take care of the perfect design that suits the most demanding, with attention to detail that will delight any aesthete. We pay a lot of attention to assembly and finishing, as we have in mind the well-being of the youngest and the peace of mind of those who are older.

    Wooden playgrounds for children are characterised by:

    • minimalist design,
    • modern aestheitcs,
    • durability and strength,
    • safety of use,
    • perfect appearance,
    • functionality, which guarantees good fun.

    How are garden playgrounds created in Pinegard?

    For the construction of modern and safe playgrounds and garden play houses for children, we use wood from legal, certified sources, because we treat this natural material with great respect. What’s more, we know how to handle it like few others, as evidenced by our many years of experience working in sawmills and the carpentry industry while designing and building wooden structures for the garden.

    Every construction of a wooden playground for the garden constitutes a great challenge and a great pleasure for us. We work with a material we love, making structures for children that are very important to us. That’s why we make sure that our slides, ladders, houses, sandpits, and other elements are eye-catching, entertaining in form, and safe at the same time. We mask and secure the joints, smooth out the wood, securely fasten the beams and boards, and all this to offer carefree use for the little ones for years to come.

    How can you customise your playground or Pinegard play house?

    Perhaps you have children of different ages. One of them is still playing in the sandpit, while the other loves climbing on the net or the wall. That’s no problem for us. Think about what you need. What elements a children’s garden playground should include, determine their number, size, colours and we will do the rest. We will make sure that we build you a modern and safe playground.


    Exceptional design and unparalleled quality. See what makes our designs attractive for you for many, many years to come.

    Why it is worth ordering modern garden playgrounds from Pinegard?

    Order a children’s garden playground if:

    • you want to provide your children with an attractive space to play,
    • you care about the safety of your children,
    • you don’t like kitsch and focus on exclusive materials and high quality finishing,
    • you appreciate modern, functional designs,
    • you value convenience and want the construction of a modern garden playground to be handled by professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All you have to do is give us a call or write. We’ll discuss your needs and prepare a quote. If you want to send us your idea, please do so. We will refine it technically and price it.

    The price of a garden playground is strongly influenced by its size and the number of attractions. A minimalist playground can be extended to include a slide, a house, a climbing wall, and so on. Therefore, its price depends on the number of all attractions.

    We will make the choice easy for you. Once you have placed your order, we will send you a colour chart. It is going to make your decision easier.

    A garden playground is not a building permanently attached to the ground. Therefore, you can place it anywhere on the plot. This is not restricted by any regulations.

    To ensure that the structure of a garden playground is stable, it should be placed on concrete footings. A dedicated surface is sand or grass, which effectively cushions any falls. This will ensure the safety of your children.

    At Pinegard, we protect all wooden construction elements with protective oil. Its coating effectively protects the structure for many years. However, the impact of external factors can determine faster wear and tear of this protection. Therefore, maintenance should be repeated as often as necessary. It is worth noting that colours such as white or anthracite wear out faster than natural shades.

    Don’t do it yourself. A playground must be safe for children. That is why it is better to entrust its construction to professionals and order your playground from Pinegard. Together with the complete design, building, and assembly, you will receive a warranty.

    You don’t have to worry about its assembly. When you order a garden playground from us, we’ll bring all the components needed to build it and assemble it on site.

    Just like in the case of assembly, you don’t have to worry about the design. We will do it for you, taking care of every detail. Let’s just determine your needs and we’ll take care of the rest at Pinegard.

    The best types of wood constitute a guarantee of a durable construction. We make our playgrounds from glued timber, which, in addition to its aesthetics, ensures a solid structure. Therefore, you get an elegant playground, quality, and safety.

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