Pinegard’s playground for children in a garden of the participants of the TVN Style show “Zgłoś ogród”

A dream garden at your fingertips – this can be used to describe an episode of the TVN Style show “Zgłoś ogród”. In this popular show, where landscape architects Iza and Olga implement amazing garden designs, viewers were able to see the unique combination of functionality and aesthetics in a small garden space. The Pinegard brand also played its part here.

A difficult task for the architects of the Zgłoś ogród show

The designers were tasked with creating a spa area with a hot-tub and shower, a relaxation area with garden sofas, a dining area, and an outdoor kitchen in a small garden. All this had to be designed with harmony and stylistic consistency in mind. However, the real icing on the cake of this project consisted in the playground made by Pinegard.

A minimalist children’s playground from Pinegard

At Pinegard, we are known for creating exclusive garden structures. In this case, we’ve placed our bet on minimalism and elegance. The playground we were asked to create consisted of a climbing net, a swing, a slide, and a covered play area including a small table and chairs. The entire piece was painted grey, which added elegance to the structure.

A small but extraordinarily fun children’s corner

This children’s play area not only fitted in perfectly with the rest of the garden in style and colour, but also provided a safe and functional place to play. The minimalist design, for which our brand is appreciated, is reflected in every element of the playground, while keeping it practical and attractive for the little ones.

A garden for adults, a playground for children

Thanks to Iza and Olga’s design and the collaboration with Pinegard, participants of the “Zgłoś ogród” show received a garden that is not only a relaxing space for adults, but also a creative and inspiring play area for children. This is yet another example of how Polish companies are able to create beauty and functionality by combining various landscape elements into a coherent and harmonious whole.

The Pinegard playground in a garden of the participants of the “Zgłoś ogród” show proves that even in a small space something special and memorable can be created for the whole family.