Apetarn - wooden playground for the garden

Would you like to create a special place for your children to enjoy active outdoor play? Order the Apetarn wooden playground for the garden. This is a unique set that not only provides entertainment but also stimulates the development of children's physical and mental abilities, taking them through a world of adventures.

Price from PLN 35,900

A simple structure and minimalist design

Apetarn stands out with its simple body and minimalist Scandinavian design. It constitutes an elegant and aesthetically pleasing structure that blends in perfectly with the garden surroundings. It is made of the highest quality smooth wood, which guarantees a beautiful appearance and safety.

plac zabaw z bujaczka apetarn
plac zabaw scianka wspinaczkowa apetarn

Creative and safe fun with Apetarn

Apetarn is not just a playground for the garden, it is a land of adventure that supports children's creativity. The possibilities for having fun are endless: the tower becomes a base for little explorers, the slide is a descent to new adventures, the swings provide above-ground flights, the climbing net works as a route to the top, and the hanging rope constitutes an opportunity to climb upwards. All this encourages children to move, learn new skills, and develop their imagination. You can individually choose the number of various elements.

Apetarn is made with attention to detail. The smooth wood is pleasing to the touch and all the pieces are solidly fixed to ensure the safety of children during play. You can also customise the set to suit your child's needs.

Replace the mould with form

The design does not have to compromise with your child's needs. The innovative Apetarn exploration playground constitutes an activity-packed, wooden playground that combines hours of great fun and a unique, modern design inspired by Scandinavian design solutions. The pioneer wooden slide is the perfect combination of nature and unparalleled smoothness.

Perfect design
An original design for the most demanding
Attention to detail
We hide what you don't want to see in order to discover wood anew
Quality guarantee
You can be sure that your garden room will be as perfect today as it is going to be years later

Order the Apetarn wooden playground

The Apetarn wooden playground is not only a place to have fun. It is also an investment in your child's development and healthy lifestyle. By choosing Apetarn, you are offering toddlers unforgettable outdoor moments while developing their skills and imagination.

Ask for a tailor-made offer or see our other play houses and modern playgrounds for the garden.

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