Modern wooden terrace roofs

Do you have a beautiful terrace next to your house and need a roof? Do you want it to blend in perfectly with the house and fit in with its architecture? Place your bet on Pinegard’s modern wooden terrace roofs.

A modern wooden terrace roof from Pinegard

At Pinegard, we produce modern wooden terrace roofs for the most demanding customers. We have been working with wood for decades, which means we can offer a high attention to detail. So if you are an aesthete who wants the terrace to look beautiful and be functional at the same time, take a closer look at our products.

The wooden terrace roofs we offer are not typical terrace pergolas with a lightweight construction like aluminium or polycarbonate pergolas. Our modern wooden pergolas are solid, heavy-duty structures whose appearance delights and the functions surprise. After all, by combining wood with other materials, we can offer you not only protection from precipitation, but also excellent shielding from wind and even UV radiation.

What do Pinegard's modern wooden terrace roofs look like?

The wooden terrace roofs we produce at Pinegard are solid constructions made of wooden beams. We set posts in the corners of the terrace, which are topped with horizontal roof beams. These constitute the perfect support for roller shutters made of fabric, aluminium, polycarbonate sheet, or even glass. In a similar way, we can cover the walls, although we believe that openwork boards work best in this case, as they protect from the sun and provide pleasant shade on the terrace. However, we are not limited to typical solutions and if you want to equip your terrace pergola with automatically controlled roller shutters, we can do so. Just as we can equip them with LED lighting or radiant heaters.

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    Pinegard wooden terrace roofs - advantages

    At Pinegard, we manufacture wooden terrace roofs intended to stand on a domestic terrace. Such a structure needs to be solid to be safe, especially since it is located directly by the house façade and lifts shutters, polycarbonate, plexiglass, or glass, whose function is to shield it from rain, hail, or snow. However, safety is not everything.

    We produce Pinegard’s modern wooden terrace roofs from high-quality wood, with attention to detail, based on our many years of experience working with this material and our specialist knowledge of it. This is why we create timeless, beautiful structures with perfect design. In addition, Pinegard wooden terrace roofs provide great functionality.

    Pinegard wooden terrace roofs are characterised by:

    • modern design,
    • high-quality wood,
    • durability and strength,
    • perfect appearance, and
    • great functionality.

    How are Pinegard's wooden terrace pergolas made?

    For the production of terrace pergolas, as well as other structures in our offer, we use high quality glued timber, sourced from legal and certified sources. We do this because we love this natural material and we act in a fully responsible manner, respecting the environment. The wood we use is not random. We choose species that grow naturally in harsh, cold conditions. This ensures that their grain is dense, which translates into its durability. Most often, we source wood from plantations in Russia and Scandinavia, because the larch and spruce growing there are much more compact and durable than the Central European and Western species.

    You have to know how to handle wood. A saw in the hands of an amateur does not make him an expert. Experts are characterised by knowledge and experience. The professionals at Pinegard know how to handle, cut, sand, drill, and finish wood to make it resistant to various weather conditions. By using our offer, you can be sure that your terrace roofing will be made by specialists who have been developing their skills since 1985, when, long before Pinegard, we opened a sawmill.


    How can you customise your wooden terrace roof?

    We don’t do it for ourselves. Every structure we make at Pinegard is tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, you can customise the design of your wooden terrace roof. You will find designs that constitute a fixed position in Pinegard’s catalogue, but we can configure them according to your expectations. Simply specify the size, choose the wood species, roofing, and other design elements. Do you want a glass roof? Or do you prefer adjustable shutters? We’ll take care of it.

    We can also make a roof for your terrace from scratch. If necessary, we will come to your site and take all the measurements, bring material samples, determine the parameters and create a design according to the sketch you provide us with. We will prepare a visualisation, work out all the details together and proceed with the project.

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    Why it is worth ordering a modern wooden terrace roof from Pinegard

    Order a wooden terrace roof if:

    • you want a comfortable seating area;
    • you want to protect your terrace from the sun and rain;
    • you rely on exclusive materials and high quality workmanship;
    • you are an aesthete who appreciates modern, functional designs with an elegant look;
    • you value comfort and want the pergola to be constructed by professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s easy. Call or write to us, so that we can get to know your exact needs. Based on them, we will offer you a few options, and you are going to tell us which one you like. If you already have your own idea, give it to us, and we will adapt it in technical terms and prepare a price offer.

    Its price depends largely on the type of roofing. Fixed roofing materials are available in the form of glass, roller shutters (automatic or manual), as well as modern sheet metal, or PVC membrane.

    We understand perfectly how important it is for your building to visually match its surroundings. That’s why, once you have placed your order, we will send you colour samples by courier to help you choose the right one.

    It is best to check the regulations permitting a specific type of development for your plot in the Local Spatial Development Plan. You can obtain this from your local authority. However, building regulations state that a structure such as a pergola (wooden terrace roof), with a built-up area of up to 50 m2, must be situated at a distance of 3 metres from the plot boundary.

    Every stable construction requires a solid foundation. Therefore, a wooden terrace roof should be placed on solid concrete footings. To maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the footings can be covered with slabs, grass or decking.

    The Firkant terrace roof is supplied protected with a durable oil coating, which protects it for many years. However, the influence of weather and other factors can result in this layer wearing off more quickly. Therefore, this maintenance should be repeated depending on the degree of deterioration. Colours such as anthracite or white usually have a shorter lifespan than natural shades.

    A terrace constitutes a place of relaxation. Therefore, comfortable furniture, atmospheric lighting, and decorative plants will make a positive contribution to comfort and functionality. Openwork walls will provide shade. However, if intense sun is present, it is also possible to install shutters.

    A wooden terrace roof requires experience in turning a design into a physical construction as well as precision in the execution. In addition, it is time-consuming. Therefore, when you order it from Pinegard, you will receive an expertly designed wooden terrace roof with a warranty.

    You don’t have to worry about the assembly. Seemingly simple steps can turn out to be complicated. Order a Firkant wooden terrace roof from Pinegard and we will bring it to you and install it.

    A wood terrace roof in the form of a simple structure requires no special measurements. You can provide us with all necessary values basing on the points marked in the photo. However, if your wooden terrace roof is to have a more complicated shape, we will come and take the necessary measurements ourselves.

    Don’t worry about the design. We do this every day. We take care of every detail, not only the materials and structural elements, but also all the connecting accessories. You don’t have to remember them. We will prepare a detailed design, tailored to your needs.

    A wooden terrace roof requires durable materials. We prepare the construction elements from selected types of wood. We use glued timber to avoid twisted fibres that could warp the construction.

    Intimacy when relaxing is important. The construction of the Firkant wooden terrace roof is very stable. Therefore, you can easily fit wall screens or roller blinds on it to effectively screen the terrace from the neighbours.

    Modern terrace furniture blends perfectly with the Firkant wooden terrace roof. However, you must bear in mind that cushioned furniture requires a durable roof covering. For example, in the form of glass. On the other hand, furniture without cushions, such as rattan furniture, is resistant to weather conditions such as rain.

    A retractable wooden terrace roof helps to regulate the amount of light on the terrace. You can install them both on the internal and external side of the construction. Furthermore, such a wooden terrace roof can be controlled manually or automatically.

    Polycarbonate is not a good material for a wooden terrace roof. It turns yellow and tarnishes when exposed to the weather. Glass or Plexiglas, which is lighter and has similar properties to glass, is much better in this case.

    A wooden terrace roof is better made of glass of a certain thickness or plexiglas. Polycarbonate is a material that turns yellow and tarnishes. Therefore, it quickly becomes unattractive.

    The fabric for a wooden terrace roof is exposed to various external factors. A durable, non-staining fabric should be coated with a PVC layer. Such fabrics are also waterproof and look good.

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