Pinegard for Esotiq at White Marlin in Sopot

Vision, style, and class – these are the words that best describe the unique collaboration between Pinegard and the Esotiq brand, known for its exceptional lingerie for energetic and modern women. This meeting of design and fashion took place in the picturesque setting of Sopot’s White Marlin, a restaurant renowned for its excellent cuisine and unique beachfront location.

A garden house in a coastal landscape

At Pinegard, we have many years of experience in creating custom, premium garden structures. We’ve used it to build a beautiful garden house on White Marlin’s terrace. This structure, made of wood and painted white, blends harmoniously into the coastal landscape. With its openwork boards and openwork wooden terrace roof, the garden house has become the perfect place for summer meetings and relaxing to the sounds of the sea.

Esotiq pop-up store in the boho style

The interior of the garden house has been decorated in the boho style, creating a cosy yet elegant atmosphere. The accessories and decorations emphasised the summer casual atmosphere, making the space perfect for presenting the Esotiq collection.

The Esotiq brand, known for its network of 300 stores in Poland and Germany, presented its latest swimwear and lingerie collections in a pop-up store set up in a garden house we had prepared. This was a unique opportunity for customers to experience the Esotiq offer in a unique setting.

Pinegard and Esotiq collaboration – an example of good style

This event constituted not only a celebration of fashion and design, but also a testament to Polish design ideas and craftsmanship. The collaboration between Pinegard and Esotiq showed how different industries can complement each other, creating unique experiences for their customers. In White Marlin, a place full of style and taste, aficionados of beauty, comfort, and modernity have perfectly found their way.

Pinegard, Esotiq, White Marlin – quality, style, details

Both Pinegard and Esotiq are examples of Polish brands that emphasise the importance of quality, innovation, and attention to detail with their activities. Our joint venture at White Marlin in Sopot constitutes not only a presentation of products, but also a celebration of Polish design and savoir-vivre. This event will long be remembered by all who had the opportunity to be part of it.