A playground on a prestigious housing estate in Gdańsk

This children’s playground constitutes yet another investment of this kind that we have been able to implement. We’ve built it on a housing estate of the Invest Komfort developer, with whom we had the opportunity to work previously. Executed in good taste, the modern houses near the Bay of Gdańsk are a prestigious development, requiring exclusive small-scale facilities.

Here we were able to create elegant, child-friendly structures that showcase a modern style. This allows children to develop a sense of aesthetics from an early age. How was it created?

Construction of a playground on an estate

For this children’s playground, we’ve used high-quality wood that is resistant to weather conditions. We’ve coated it with a layer of oil to protect it against pests, mould, and fungi. We’ve combined the natural colour of wood inside the facilities with an anthracite finish on the outside. The metal elements, on the other hand, are made of surgical stainless steel, which is resistant to scratches, scrapes, and dents. We took care of every detail, making the playground elegant and safe.

Modern style and safe fun

We’ve matched the children’s playground to the estate’s modern architecture. We’ve ensured that it reflects the character of this prestigious location as much as possible. By taking care of the quality of the various elements, we have increased the level of safety, making it even more fun for children to play here.

If you are also building a similar estate, make it more attractive and competitive by including a children’s playground like this one.