Comfort zone

Experience Pinegard's quality and style up close

Our lives run between work and leisure, pleasure and duty, expectations and reality. Set your own proportions! Discover Pinegard and relax on our chaise longue in one of the luxury hotels marked on the map.

The art of relaxation

Design your dream relaxation with us. Pack a minimalist design into your suitcase and take a satisfying breath in the shade of our showroom. Take your time, savour the moment - like a good book and the perfect espresso. See top quality and exemplary workmanship up close, touch natural materials and smooth edges. Choose your location on the map and experience the craftsmanship of Pinegard products.

See you in exceptional places!

Lemon Resort SPA
Gródek nad Dunajcem 83
33-318 Gródek nad Dunajcem

NoName Luxury Hotel & SPA
Leśna 46
34-442 Łapsze Niżne

Sopot Marriott Resort & Spa
Bitwy pod Płowcami 59
81-731 Sopot

Inspire or be inspired

Take your idea from your head to the garden - with our help.
Contact us and we will implement your vision or create
a unique design perfectly tailored to you, your home, and your garden.