Modern dog houses

Your dog doesn’t have to spend the night outside to have a dog house there. Why shouldn’t it have its own private shelter in the garden? A garden house or pergola can protect you from the sun, so give your animal an exclusive, modern dog house. Order a comfortable dog house for your dog.


Exclusive dog houses by Pinegard

Everyone needs shelter and a place where they can experience a bit of comfort. Everyone also likes to be outdoors enjoying the summer weather. Although most of us don’t like direct sunlight that heats up too much. The same goes for your four-legged pet, who may want to seek shelter when staying outside. At Pinegard, we produce modern, exclusive dog houses, which will provide this shelter for your dog. Protection from the sun usually constitutes only one reason for your dog to happily stay in its dog house – that’s what we prefer to call our wooden dog houses, because a kennel is not necessarily a positive term. Another reason why your four-legged friend likes to hide in such a house is because it wants to calm down and take a peaceful nap. So why shouldn’t you provide it with this comfort and convenience if you yourself sometimes need the same, and you are perfectly aware of the benefits it brings? Order your pet a dog house at Pinegard.

What does a wooden dog house look like?

Minimalist form, natural materials, perfect finish. All this gives dog houses – exclusive dog kennels that we create at Pinegard – a modern design and aesthetic appearance. By erecting such a structure in your garden, you will certainly not lower its aesthetic values; on the contrary, this wooden dog house will be a beautiful decoration for your garden, and a quite practical one too. Your companion will certainly appreciate its charm.

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    Pinegard wooden modern dog houses - advantages

    The wooden dog houses we build are not just any structures. We do not mass-produce them and we do not care about selling hundreds of products. We make them with the utmost care and attention to detail, because we want to offer much higher quality than what is available in supermarkets. We use high-grade wood, carefully work it and assemble it in such a way as to give the user a comfortable and safe dog house, durable and adapted to various conditions.

    We offer you an exclusive dog house, which is characterised by modern timeless design and functionality. Our modern dog houses will easily blend in with the well-kept greenery and the overall architecture of your garden. Therefore, if you want your dog to have its perfect spot to relax during summer days, order a dog house from Pinegard.

    Pinegard wooden dog houses are characterised by:

    • minimalist form,
    • modern design,
    • durable materials,
    • aesthetic finish,
    • and high functionality.

    How are Pinegard's exclusive dog houses made?

    The material we work with is wood. We use it to build all the structures you can order at Pinegard. Garden houses, pergolas, wooden terrace roofs and even playgrounds for the garden are made from a natural, durable material that we know like the back of our hand. This is because our company is made up of professionals who know more about woodworking than anyone else. They have gained their knowledge and experience by starting their careers working in sawmills. They know how to cut wood, how to sand it, what to impregnate it with. This allows us to create truly beautiful and durable structures.

    When designing exclusive dog houses at Pinegard, we realise that their design is a combination of your needs and those of your pet. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves. We give you the choice of a whole range of different models, which are available in several sizes and configurations. We use wood for their construction, but also glass, plexiglass and other elements that contribute to comfort and functionality. Our kennels are not 4 walls with a roof covered with tar paper, they are modern houses that have a floor, a permanent roof, and even a window. Give your dog something more than a simple shelter. Let it experience luxury.

    How can you personalise a dog house for your dog?

    The size of the dog house, the colour of the wood, the floor, and the window are all elements you can customise. Browse through our ready-made designs and choose the one that suits you best. Don’t worry if you see elements in it that you would like to replace. Tell us about them and we will adapt them to your requirements if possible. If, on the other hand, none of the models we offer suits you, tell us how you envisage the perfect dog house for your pet. We will design it from scratch.


    Exceptional design and unparalleled quality. See what makes our designs attractive for you for many, many years to come.

    Why order a dog house for your garden from Pinegard?

    Order a dog house for your dog if:

    • you want to give your animal a space where it can hide and calm down;
    • you want to have it close to you during your summer holidays in the garden;
    • you rely on the highest quality materials and finishing;
    • you appreciate modern designs and a minimalist look;
    • you value comfort and want the construction of the house to be carried out by professionals. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to construct a modern dog house for your dog? Give us a call or write to us. We will discuss your needs in this regard. You can send us your ideas and inspirations. We will draw up a design and price it.

    Your home probably represents a certain style. Your dog’s home might do so as well. Therefore, the price depends not only on the size, but also on the design and the grade of wood used to build it.

    In addition to the form, the aesthetic appearance is also influenced by the colour. That is why we will send you a colour sample after placing your order so that you can choose the right one.

    Your dog house is not permanently attached to the ground. That is why you can place it anywhere on the plot. Just make sure that it is comfortable for your animal.

    As the dog house is not permanently connected to the ground, you do not need to use any special substrate. To make it stable, you can place it on concrete blocks.

    Pinegard’s modern dog houses are protected with a layer of protective oil that lasts a long time. Only the influence of weather conditions can cause it to wear out more quickly. Colours such as white or anthracite will wear faster than natural colours. Maintenance should therefore be carried out when needed.

    Don’t get bothered with it! At Pinegard we are experienced in building dog houses. We will prepare a modern dog house starting with a design and ending with assembly – and we will give you a warranty for it.

    Leave the assembly to us. We know exactly how to assemble all the structural components. Your new dog house will be assembled by professionals. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its assembly.

    The most important factor is the size of your dog. We select the size of your dog’s house at Pinegard according to a table that defines typical sizes for a specific breed. Therefore, all you have to do is indicate us the breed of your dog and we will do the rest.

    Indicate your needs to us. During a conversation we will determine exactly what you and your dog need. We will prepare a precise design including all important construction elements. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it.

    The best, selected wood species is one thing. We only use glued timber, which, in addition to its aesthetic qualities, is of high quality and durability. This is why a modern dog house from Pinegard is solid and durable.

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