Blautak - garden play house for children

Do you dream of a unique place where your children can enjoy creative outdoor play? The Blautak children's garden play house is the perfect option. It's a minimalist wooden structure that will not only provide entertainment, but also introduce children to the world of good design, teaching them about aesthetics and functionality.

Price from PLN 10,900

Minimalist design

The Blautak play house is characterised by its simple Scandinavian form. The pitched roof gives it a classic look that fits in perfectly with the garden setting. The structure is made of durable wood, ensuring that the play house will last for many years.

2.05 m x 1.6 m x 2.2 m

3.52 m²


Creative and safe play with Blautak

Blautak is not just a house, it is a magical place where children can develop their imagination. It can be a café, a shop, a club for secret agents, or a small art atelier – the possibilities are almost endless. Blautak is a unique playhouse that encourages creative play and the development of social skills.

The Blautak play house is made of high-quality wood. We take care of every detail. We make sure that each board is perfectly smooth and that every other structural element fits perfectly. All in the interests of safety. What’s more, Blautak can be painted in your child’s favourite colour.

Blautak not only entertains but also teaches. The minimalist design of the play house teaches children about the importance of good design and aesthetics. This is an excellent way to introduce the youngest to the world of design and architecture in a way that is accessible to them.

What do you get when you order Blautak?

  • a safe space for children to have creative fun
  • an aesthetically pleasing play house with simple Scandinavian design
  • a durable structure made of solid wood
  • individual fitting, transport, and assembly in your garden

Perfect design

An original design for the most demanding

Attention to detail

We hide what you don't want to see in order to discover wood anew

Quality guarantee

You can be sure that your garden room will be as perfect today as it is going to be years later

Order the Blautak children's play house for the garden

The Blautak garden play house is not only a place to play, it is also an investment in your child’s development and creativity. By choosing Blautak, you are offering your child unforgettable moments in a beautiful environment that simultaneously develops its skills and imagination.

Ask for a tailor-made offer or see our other play houses and modern garden playgrounds.

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