A new pergola in the garden is a big deal.
Let's celebrate it together!

Order a pergola or a garden house
And we will prepare the grand opening
of your new garden house.
Invite your friends
Friends with whom you want to celebrate
this special event.
Pinegard delivers gifts
Excellent champagne, deckchairs, lots of good music
and a professional photo shoot. Something to remember this event by!

The grand opening of your new garden house!

At Pinegard, we combine perfectionism with a long-standing passion for wood. We dress carefully selected materials in a minimalist form.
Instead of looking for compromises - we look for the best to create a unique product for you: as beautiful as it is durable.

Let's talk about a solution for you - we will call you back within 24 hours!

We will design, deliver, and assemble a unique product.

    You can also email us at kontakt@pinegard.pl

    The campaign is organised by Zakład Przerobu Drewna DREWNOTEX, owner of the Pinegard brand. Terms and conditions of the campaign available at the company's head office.