Modern wooden garden sheds

The green space around the house is intended for recreation and leisure. A garden constitutes precisely this, and it has to be taken care of. Trim the plants regularly, mow the grass, tidy up. All these tasks need tools, and tools need storage such as modern Pinegard wooden garden sheds.


Pinegard wooden tool houses and garden sheds

Garden houses are not just small structures designed for relaxation, although some people are looking for just that. Pinegard’s wooden garden buildings are high-quality structures that act as a woodshed, tool house, and a place to store garden accessories. Our offer includes small and large tool houses in which you can store everything you need in the garden.

Pinegard wooden tool houses are not cheap do-it-yourself tool houses that you buy in a supermarket and put up in the garden. The tool houses we create are aesthetically pleasing garden constructions made of wood, which we set sturdily in your backyard garden or on a recreational plot. Pinegard wooden garden sheds are designed to protect your garden equipment and tools from adverse weather conditions and provide you with an aesthetically pleasing place to store them.

What do Pinegard modern garden sheds look like?

The garden tool houses that we make at Pinegard are sturdy buildings made of high-quality wood that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Traditional garden tool houses that you can buy in the market or online are small, unattractive buildings that leave a lot to be desired. Meanwhile, Pinegard wooden garden houses are made from components that we treat with the utmost care. As a result, not only do they fulfil their main function, but they are also an aesthetically pleasing decoration for any garden, and we can tailor their elements to your expectations. We will choose the size, the colour of the wood, the material for the roof sheathing, the guttering, the window opening, or the door to match the architecture of the garden, the shape and location of the plot, and the appearance of your house.

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    Pinegard wooden garden sheds - advantages

    Any garden tool house should be weatherproof, provide enough space to accommodate all the equipment and accessories you need, such as a lawnmower, shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, flower pots, and even constitute a shelter for your garden furniture during heavy rain or winter. The storage of all these items should be safe. That is why, Pinegard’s garden tool houses are manufactured from high-grade glued timber, which is characterised by high resistance and strength, and what’s more, it is also a good insulator.

    You can tailor the garden sheds we offer to your individual needs. Do you need a small construction that fits between the house wall and the fence? No problem at all. Or do you want to erect a large garden shed deep in the garden where you can store your garden tractor? We will make one for you.

    Pinegard garden tool houses are characterised by:

    • functionality,
    • high-grade wood,
    • durability and strength,
    • modern design,
    • perfect appearance.

    How are Pinegard wooden outbuildings made?

    We don’t hide the fact that wood is a material that we have a special affection for, which is why we approach it with great respect. This is evidenced for example by the manner in which we source it. At Pinegard, for our garden constructions, we use wood that comes from legal, certified plantations. We choose species that have a high resistance to weather conditions. For this reason, we opt for species that grow in the frosty regions of Scandinavia and Russia. Moreover, larch and spruce from there are characterised by their high density, which translates into the durability and stability of each structure. We take the same careful approach to constructing garden sheds as we do to the other constructions created at Pinegard. Thanks to our many years of experience working with wood and our expert knowledge concerning its properties, we skilfully cut, sand, and impregnate the individual components of the constructions so that they are perfect in appearance, stability, and durability. That’s why the garden sheds made by us can be enjoyed for many years.

    How can you personalise your wooden garden shed?

    The size of the construction, the species of wood, the colour of the finish – these are basic features that you can tailor to your expectations. In doing so, we recommend you to be guided by the location of your plot, the terrain, the architecture of your garden, as well as the look and shape of your house. By choosing our offer, together we will ensure that your wooden garden outbuilding forms a coherent concept with its surroundings.

    Need more customisation? Do you want to specify the colour of the metal sheeting for the roof, the way the water drains, or perhaps install photovoltaic panels on the roof and LED lighting inside? Tell us how you envision your perfect garden shed and we’ll develop a design that satisfies you.


    Exceptional design and unparalleled quality. See what makes our designs attractive for you for many, many years to come.

    Why order Pinegard modern garden sheds?

    Order a modern wooden garden tool house if:

    • you need storage space for garden accessories,
    • you need storage space for garden equipment and furniture,
    • you rely on exclusive materials and high quality workmanship,
    • you are an aesthete who appreciates modern, functional, and elegant designs,
    • you value convenience and want the construction of the garden shed to be handled by professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can easily order a modern tool house. Write or call us and we will discuss what you need. Based on this, we will prepare several proposals. Once you have chosen one, we will prepare a complete design with a quote. You can also send us your ideas and photos that inspire you.

    A tool house can vary in size, number of glazing, and additional elements. It can also be made of different types of wood and with different façades. All this affects its final price.

    Not sure which colour to choose? Place your order. We will then send a courier with colour samples for you. Based on this, you can choose a colour that meets your expectations.

    A modern tool house is not permanently attached to the ground. Therefore, you can locate it almost anywhere. The decision is yours. Just make sure that you have convenient access to it.

    You do not need to prepare the ground for it in any special way. To make it stable, we will place the tool house on blocks or concrete footings. We can also do it directly on paving stones or a concrete slab.

    You don’t have to do it often. We will protect your tool house with a protective oil that will give it lasting protection for many years. However, you need to bear in mind that some colours wear out more quickly (white, anthracite, and other covering the wood texture). Therefore, it is worth carrying out the maintenance when necessary.

    A tool house, as the name suggests, is designed to house garden tools. For example, a rake or spade. However, it can also hold watering cans, a garden hose, and other items of mobile garden infrastructure. For this reason, it is worth ensuring that the interior of the tool house is equipped with shelves of the right size.

    Don’t get bothered with constructing a tool house yourself. At Pinegard you will order a tool house which we will design and assemble expertly. Additionally, we will provide a warranty for its construction.

    We won’t leave you alone with this. A modern tool house you order from us will be delivered and assembled. You will be able to handle more important thing.

    A yool house usually constitute a simple construction. All you need to do is mark the dimensions for us according to the points marked in the photo and we will do the rest. However, if your tool house is to have an unusual shape, we will come and take the measurements ourselves.

    Don’t worry about the design. Talk to us about your needs, indicate what features your tool house should include and we’ll take care of the rest. We have rich experience in preparing projects. We will take care of every detail.

    The best wood for this type of building is glued timber. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is very durable, as are timber windows. This is why we use certified glued timber for the construction of modern tool houses.

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