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Create designer garden houses, pergolas, and garden structures for clients across the country.
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What makes us stand out?

Our activities are observed by designers. We inspire our customers by creating individual designs for them. Specialist magazines for architects and design aficionados write about us. We make sure that our brand is unique.

See what else counts in our work

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Good atmosphere
We enjoy working with each other and spending time together. We approach our responsibilities with commitment but also a great sense of humour. We provide ourselves space for our own initiatives, innovative ideas and... making mistakes.
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Effective work organisation
We work in pairs according to a set plan. Everyone knows what they should do and when they should do it. We delegate responsibility, not just tasks. We trust each other and respect each other's time.
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Latest tools
We provide modern tools to take our work to the next level. We look after the equipment and make sure that at the end of the day everything is in its place.
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Planned assembly
We assemble our products at customers' sites throughout Poland. We determine the dates of assembly individually, also among ourselves. This allows all team members to balance work and private life.
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Trips to customers
During business trips we sleep in comfortable hotels, during the day we focus on solid assembly and after work we have time to ourselves. We travel around Poland in a new, safe car.
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Continuous development
We are constantly improving our craft and taking on new challenges. Our projects also include electrical installations and modern electronics. If you like learning new things, with us you will do it every day.

Join our team!

Who are we looking for?

Persons with or without experience. Professionals or amateurs working with wood. Simply - people who have passion, want to develop, and will bring interesting ideas to our team.

We offer

• stable employment under an employment contract,
• attractive remuneration adequate to skills,
• settlement based on hours worked,
• bonus hours for trips,
• bonuses on completed projects,
• additional insurance in a private company.

Send us your resume if:

• you are looking for a long-term job - it would be best if you could stay with us for years,
• you are conscientious and accurate - our customers will appreciate that,
• you know how to work in a team - compromise and respect for others is essential for us,
• you like learning and taking up new challenges - each project is a chance for development,
• you are available and ready to participate in business trips - we travel a lot, consider whether you can like this,
• you have construction, assembly, or electrical skills - this will be an additional asset.

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