Modern garden pergolas

Do you want to create a place in the garden where you can sit with a book and a lemonade and relax in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery, to take a break from your daily routine? Do you dream of a bit of shade between the shrubs and trees growing next to your house? Pinegard’s modern garden pergolas will help you fulfil this dream.


Modern garden pergolas from Pinegard

Do you love being outdoors, especially in the warmth of the sun during summer. You like to take pleasure in this remarkable aura and want to be able to drink your morning coffee amidst the singing of birds, enjoy an afternoon nap in a comfortable armchair, and dine at sunset in the evenings. If this is the case, then you need a pergola for your garden. A modern pergola for the garden is a lightweight enclosure that uses solid wooden posts for the supporting structure. Thanks to our approach to wood, our experience and our knowledge of your needs, we create pergolas that fit perfectly with your garden architecture and offer you a relaxing outdoor experience on sunny days, protecting you from excessive UV radiation. If you are looking for just such a structure, we will build it for you.

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What do Pinegard's modern wooden pergolas look like?

Pinegard’s wooden pergolas are free-standing, lightweight structures that we make from high-quality wood. The solid and elegant openwork walls allow you to enjoy the view of the nature around you, while the wall screens we can install offer a little more shade and intimacy. We can also equip any such pergola with fabric or aluminium roller blinds, or even cover the roof with glass, sheet metal, or PVC membrane to give you a shelter from the summer rain. However, we still make sure that the pergola remains fully functional so that you can still enjoy the scent of blossoming flowers and ripening fruit, as well as the touch of a light breeze.

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    Pinegard wooden garden pergolas - advantages

    Pinegard’s freestanding wooden garden pergolas are minimalist, elegant and durable structures that are perfect as a leisure space. Unlike metal pergolas, which heat up heavily on hot days, wooden garden pergolas provide the perfect microclimate. Although compared to a garden house, a pergola is a lightweight structure, thanks to the materials we use and the way they are constructed, every Pinegard pergola is a solid structure. We use high-quality wood to build Pinegard pergolas. We impregnate all the pergolas we build with high-quality oils, ensuring that they are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come, and although all our pergola models are designed to withstand various weather conditions and external factors, as well as offer comfortable and trouble-free use, we can create them completely from scratch, tailoring all the elements to suit the customer’s needs. Pinegard wooden garden pergolas constitute:
    • a comfortable place to relax in the garden,
    • an excellent protection from the sun,
    • an intimate leisure area for family and friends,
    • a construction with high resistance to external factors,
    • a spacious space with a wide range of arrangement possibilities.

    How are Pinegard's wooden garden pergolas made?

    For the production of modern garden pergolas at Pinegard, we use high-quality wood. Because we love wood and respect the environment, we act responsibly and source it from legal and certified sources. We use species that naturally grow in harsh conditions, making them dense and strong, which allows us to create structures that have a long lifespan. Typically, these are Scandinavian species, which are more dense and durable compared to central European and western species.

    However, high-quality wood is not all that contributes to stable construction and comfort. Equally important, if not more important, is the professional approach to this material. You can’t just reach for a saw, you have to know what tools to use and how to do it so as not to damage its structure. Pinegard consists in professionals who have gained their knowledge and experience over several decades, first working in sawmills and then creating ever more bold projects, such as those we offer at Pinegard.

    Knowing all the secrets that wood holds, we know how to handle it. This makes us bring each piece to perfection, cutting, sanding and impregnating. This is all to ensure that the garden pergolas we create look just as good even after years of use.

    How can you customise your garden pergola?

    Even though we offer ready-made models, you can tailor each project to your needs, or create a completely new one from scratch together with us. Specify the size, choose the construction material, roofing, type of terrace and furnishings. Remember that each pergola can include openwork walls made of wooden slats, full board walls, or manually or electrically operated shutters, which can also be installed on the ceiling. Think about how you would like the pergola to look in your garden, write down your ideas and present them to us and we will turn them into a design.


    Exceptional design and unparalleled quality. See what makes our designs attractive for you for many, many years to come.

    Why order a modern garden pergola from Pinegard?

    Order a wooden pergola if:

    • you want a place where you can comfortably relax outdoors;
    • you want to create a relaxing space around your home on summer days;
    • you rely on exclusive materials and high quality workmanship;
    • you are an aesthete who appreciates modern, functional designs with a minimalist design;
    • you value comfort and want the construction and assembly of the pergola to be handled by professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s very easy. Write to us or call us. We will talk about your needs and offer you some suggestions. If you already have an idea for a modern wooden pergola on your plot, send it to us and we will check it in detail, take care of the elements needed in it and provide you with a quote.

    The cost of a pergola depends mainly on the type of its roofing. You can choose a glass covering, roller shutters (automatic or manual), or a hard covering (modern sheet metal or PVC membrane).

    We understand that looks matter. That’s why you can order your Kubikk pergola in almost any colour. After placing your order, we will send you colour samples to help you decide.

    When erecting a pergola, with a building area of up to 50 m2, on your plot, you must keep a minimum of 3 metres from the plot boundary. However, the regulations for your specific plot may vary. You can check these in the Local Spatial Development Plan for your plot, available from your local authority.

    Like any solidly erected structure, a pergola must be placed on a suitably prepared foundation. A pergola is placed on concrete footings. You can easily cover the footings with the final surface. For example, a slab, grass, or a terrace.

    We provide the Kubikk pergola protected with a durable oil coating that protects it for many years. However, various external factors can cause this protective layer to wear off more quickly. Therefore, maintenance should be repeated as required. Such intense colours as white or anthracite have a shorter lifespan than natural wood colours.

    A pergola constitutes a great place to relax. Therefore, it is advisable to place comfortable garden furniture inside it. The openwork walls offer natural images of the surroundings, which can be further accentuated with potted plants. In turn, in order to be able to spend pleasant evenings under the pergola, it is worth taking care of the lighting.

    Constructing a pergola yourself is not only time-consuming, but also requires experience and precision. Therefore, it is better to order, an expertly designed pergola that meets all your needs. Pinegard will provide you with a pergola, tailored to your needs, complete with a warranty.

    When you order a modern wooden pergola from Pinegard, you don’t have to worry about that. Let us determine what you want it to look like and we will come with all the necessary components for its construction and assemble it on site.

    If your pergola is to have a simple shape then all you need to do is to mark its dimensions for us based on the points marked in the photo. On the other hand, if your pergola is to have an unusual shape, we will come and make all the necessary measurements ourselves.

    We deal with designing pergolas on a daily basis. We know how to do it, what elements to include and what materials to prepare. We prepare a complete design based on your needs.

    The species and type of wood affects the appearance and quality of the structure. For this reason, we use certified glued timber for our pergolas, which is durable for many years and will not twist or crack. Furthermore, glued timber has a perfectly smooth surface with visible grain.

    The modern wooden pergola is a perfect structure on which you can easily install wall screens or roller shutters. Therefore, you will not only effectively shield it from the neighbours, but also from weather factors such as intense sunlight or rain.

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