A wooden playground for a developer

Did you know that every developer designing a multi-family housing development should include space for a playground? Most of them rely on common solutions and objects made of metal. They do not always look aesthetically pleasing, are prone to damage, and sometimes can be dangerous. Metal heats up easily and can cause burns. Moreover, metal parts are particularly slippery after rainfall. Meanwhile, the playground we’ve built for one of the developers from the Tricity area was made of wood.

Safety certificate

The wooden playground we’ve built on one of the Tricity housing estates had to match the style of the exclusive constructions that had been built there. That is why we’ve made all the objects from high-quality Scandinavian spruce and exotic wood. We’ve rounded off the edges of individual elements to increase the safety of the children playing there.

We’ve also used other durable and robust materials to construct the various structures, including surgical stainless steel to finish the elements. Not only is it resistant to corrosion, but also to scratches, scrapes, and dents, making a positive contribution to the aesthetics and safety of the playground. These and other solutions we’ve used in this project allowed us to obtain the relevant certificates for this type of facility.

Learning good style

Apart from the high quality of workmanship, durability, and safety, it is also worth noting that the individual objects of this playground for a developer from Gdynia, are remarkably elegant. They present modern architectural styles that young children can interact with. Thanks to this, their sense of good taste is shaped from an early age, also due to custom-made toys. 

If you are planning to build an exclusive estate, contact us and we will design a children’s playground to enhance its appeal.