Firkant - wooden terrace roofing

Are you dreaming of the perfect spot next to your house, where you will enjoy fresh air and pleasant shade? Discover the Firkant wooden terrace roof and enjoy every moment spent on your terrace. Firkant combines functionality with exceptional design, creating a harmonious space created for comfortable relaxation.

Price from PLN 25,900*

More than a wooden terrace roof

Firkant is a stylish and sturdy wooden terrace roof that will shield you from changing weather conditions and the scorching sun. Relax under a designer roof in a minimalist style. Made from premium wood and equipped with a personalised terrace roof, Firkant will make you feel nothing but a breeze of comfort on your terrace.

Kubikk - your own corner in the garden

The “Firkant” wooden terrace roof is distinguished by its rectangular form, which gives the terrace a modern character. It is the perfect solution for those who appreciate minimalist design and functionality. Thanks to the flat roof, which can be openwork, glass, or covered with an automatic shutter, you will gain protection from the sun on hot days.

“Firkant” is a wooden terrace roof that has been designed with the most demanding customers in mind. The openwork structure made of solid boards creates an open and spacious space where you can enjoy the proximity of nature without sacrificing comfort.

In addition, the wooden terrace roof can be equipped with a lighting system, which will create a unique atmosphere during evening gatherings. Thanks to its customisable design, “Firkant” will blend into any space, creating a unique corner for relaxation.


Product features

Perfect design

An original design for the most demanding

Attention to detail

We hide what you don't want to see in order to discover wood anew

Quality guarantee

You can be sure that your garden room will be as perfect today as it is going to be years later

Pinegard Connect app coming soon

A minimalist solution that keeps your home environment close at hand. A combination of modern technology and intuitive navigation.

The grand opening of your new pergola
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Pinegard photovoltaic solutions available for this product


Order the Firkant wooden terrace roof

Complete your terrace and open it up to new possibilities. Firkant is a futuristic structure with perfectly fitted components and perfectly smooth surfaces. Don’t wait, make your terrace a place where every moment is special. Discover the potential of your terrace and create a unique place that will delight for many years to come.

Ask for a tailor-made offer or see our other modern wooden terrace roofs.

A wooden terrace roof

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place an order for a wooden terrace roof?

It's easy. Call or write to us, so that we can get to know your exact needs. Based on them, we will offer you a few options, and you are going to tell us which one you like. If you already have your own idea, give it to us, and we will adapt it in technical terms and prepare a price offer.

How much does a wooden terrace roof cost?

Its price largely depends on the type of roofing material. There are permanent coverings in the form of glass, roller blinds (automatic or manual), as well as modern sheet metal or PVC membrane.

What colour should I choose for my wooden terrace roof?

We understand perfectly well how important it is to visually match a building to its surroundings. That is why, after placing an order, we will send you colour samples by courier to help you choose the right one.

How far from the border of the plot can a wooden terrace roof be located?

It is best to verify the regulations that allow for a specific type of development on your plot with the Local Spatial Development Plan. You can acquire it at your City or Commune Office. However, the provisions of the construction law determine that a building such as a pergola (roof), with a development area of up to 50 m2, should be located 3 meters from the plot border.

How to prepare the substrate under a wooden terrace roof?

Every stable structure requires a solid substrate. That is why a terrace roof should be placed on solid concrete footing. In order to maintain the aesthetics, the footing can be covered with slabs, grass, or a terrace.

How often is it necessary to carry out maintenance of a wooden terrace roof?

We deliver the Firkant wooden terrace roof with a durable oil coating that protects it for many years. However, the impact of weather conditions and other factors may result in this layer wearing out faster. That is why maintenance should be carried out depending on its wear. Colours such as anthracite and white usually have a shorter life than natural colors.

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    Modules are not a fad, they are the foundation. That's why we build both the base of the garden house and its walls horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in any pattern you desire. When you choose our garden houses, you choose endless options.

    All shades of leisure

    Perceive your leisure in bright colours. Or dark, if that's the design that suits you best. Intriguing oil stains and eco-coatings either cover the garden house completely or stain it in the colour of your choice, bringing the beautiful grain pattern to the fore.

    Experience Pinegard's quality and style up close

    Relax on our chaise longue in one of the luxury hotels. Pack your suitcase with minimalist design and take a satisfying deep breath in the shade of our showroom.

    Wood with unlimited liability, naturally

    Every product we supply you with is made from the finest natural materials. We take our
    designs as seriously as we take the environment, and that is why with every order you will receive
    from us as a gift of tree seeding so as to maintain the perfect balance - the same balance you love
    in our products.

    Inspire or be inspired

    Take your idea from your head to the garden - with our help.
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    a unique design perfectly tailored to you, your home, and your garden.

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