Wooden Terrace Roof

How to place an order for a terrace roof?

It's easy. Call or write to us, so that we can get to know your exact needs. Based on them, we will offer you a few options, and you are going to tell us which one you like. If you already have your own idea, give it to us, and we will adapt it in technical terms and prepare a price offer.

How much does a wooden terrace roof cost?

Its price largely depends on the type of roofing material. There are permanent coverings in the form of glass, roller blinds (automatic or manual), as well as modern sheet metal or PVC membrane.

Which terrace roof color to choose?

We understand perfectly well how important it is to visually match a building to its surroundings. That is why, after placing an order, we will send you color samples by courier to help you choose the right one.

How far from the border of the plot can a terrace roof be erected?

It is best to verify the regulations that allow for a specific type of development on your plot with the Local Spatial Development Plan. You can acquire it at your City or Commune Office. However, the provisions of the construction law determine that a building such as a pergola (roof), with a development area of up to 50 m2, should be located 3 meters from the plot border.

How to prepare the substrate under a terrace roof?

Every stable structure requires a solid surface. That is why a terrace roof should be placed on solid concrete footing. In order to maintain the aesthetics, the footing can be covered with slabs, grass, or a terrace.

How often is it necessary to carry out maintenance of a terrace roof?

We deliver the Firkant terrace roof with a durable oil coating that protects it for many years. However, the impact of weather conditions and other factors may result in this layer wearing out faster. That is why maintenance should be carried out depending on its wear. Colors such as anthracite and white usually have a shorter life than natural colors.

How to arrange a terrace?

A terrace is a place for relaxation. That is why comfortable furniture, atmospheric lighting, and decorative plants will positively impact the comfort of use and functionality. Openwork walls will provide shade. However, in the event of intense sunlight, you can also install roller blinds.

How to build a terrace roof?

A wooden terrace roof requires experience in turning a design into a physical structure as well as precision of execution. Moreover, it is also time consuming. Therefore, when ordering it at Pinegard, you will receive a professionally designed roof with a guarantee.

How to assemble a terrace roof?

You don't have to worry about assembly. Seemingly simple steps can turn out to be complicated. Order a Firkant terrace roof at Pinegard and we will deliver it to you and assemble it.

How to take the measurements for a terrace roof?

A roof in a simple shape does not require any special measurements. You can provide us all the values based on the points marked in the photo. However, if your roof is to have a more complicated shape, we will come to you and carry out the necessary measurements.

How to design a terrace roof?

Don't worry about the design. We do it every day. We take care of every detail, not only materials and construction elements, but also all jointing accessories. You do not have to keep them in mind. We will prepare a detailed design, tailored to your needs.

What kind of wood to choose for a terrace roof?

A terrace roof made of wood requires durable materials. We prepare the construction elements from selected types of wood. We use glued wood to avoid twisted fibers that could bend the structure.

How to protect the terrace from neighbors?

Intimacy while relaxing is important. The structure of the Firkant terrace roof is very stable. That is why you can easily install wall shutters or roller blinds on it, which will effectively shield the terrace from neighbors.

What garden furniture to choose for a terrace?

Modern terrace furniture fits perfectly with the Firkant terrace roof. However, you have to remember that cushioned furniture requires a fixed roofing material. For example, in the form of glass. Whereas, furniture without pillows, such as rattan furniture, is resistant to weather conditions such as rain.

Retractable terrace roof made of wood

A retractable terrace roof helps to regulate the amount of light on the terrace. It is possible to install it both on the outside of the structure as well as on its inside. Furthermore, such a roof can be controlled manually or automatically.

Which thick polycarbonate to use for a terrace roof?

Polycarbonate is not a good terrace roofing material. It turns yellow and dull under the impact of weather conditions. Glass or plexiglass, which is lighter and possesses properties similar to glass, are much better for this purpose.

How to construct a polycarbonate roof?

It is better to create a wooden terrace roof with glass of a certain thickness or plexiglass. Polycarbonate is a material that turns yellow and dull. That is why it very quickly stops being aesthetic.

Which fabric to choose for a terrace roof?

A terrace roof fabric is exposed to various external factors. Durable, non-staining fabric should be coated with a PVC layer. Such fabrics are also waterproof and look good.