Price of a modern wooden garden house

Why such a price? Probably every company and every vendor has heard this question more than once. The answer, at least in our case, is relatively easy. The price of a Pinegard’s garden house consists – in a nutshell – of three elements: quality, safety, and comfort. What does this mean in non-marketing language?


The price of a garden house (but also the price of a terrace, terrace roof, or any of our other products) includes, in the first instance, the price of materials, i.e:

  • durable, beautifully grained, and sourced from legal and certified sources and places where the wood is more compact and durable because it comes from trees that grow in cold conditions (Russia, Scandinavia),
  • strong and durable fixings and connectors from renown companies that meet the highest quality requirements,
  • wood protection with oils that: maintain and protect the material inside and out, facilitate care, prevent dirt from adhering, and reduce the frequency of maintenance.


The price of a garden house includes not only top-quality materials and handling them in a professional manner. At Pinegard you will also receive:

  • expert advice, consultation during designing, and a design that will make the garden house perfectly suited to your needs, the possibilities of the terrain, and the weather conditions,
  • a construction easy to be developed at a later time, that will be included already at the the design stage,
  • warranty and fast service at no extra charge,
  • insurance during transport and assembly. 
White Pergola


In addition to the source of the materials, working with them is equally important. Any wood, even the best one, can be “spoiled” by incorrect cutting, storage, preparation for assembly, or transport. The same goes for fixings – incorrect assembly, lack of fit or poor matching to wooden elements will seriously damage the entire structure. 

Poorly prepared wood and incorrect work with fixings not only makes the entire structure look bad, but also puts you at risk. Given that wood is a heavy material, and a modern wooden garden house weighs on average approx. 1000-2500 kg, you need to be absolutely sure that it is robust and stable.

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At Pinegard, we have made dozens of commissioned structures. Our expert craftsmen not only work with the wood so that it can withstand any weather conditions, but also, for example, prepare the fixings for much higher load capacities than the structure requires so that your luxury garden house not only lasts for years in perfect condition, but also allows you to expand and safely add new elements such as a hammock, shutters, or swings. We work, of course, using top-of-the-range machines that are regularly maintained and sharpened so as not to strain the structure of the wood.

Our many years of experience in working with wood and the many tested solutions that guarantee complete safety of use are reflected in the price.


A modern Pinegard garden house

Many factors have an impact on the cost of a modern wooden garden house. Its design and appearance are extremely important – after all, we will be looking at it every day for many, many years. But that is precisely why it must also be robust. Everyone has bought something at some point in their life that looked beautiful, but either didn’t perform well or broke quickly. If it is just an armchair or chair, it is much easier to get rid of it and buy a more expensive but “decent” model. When it comes to garden construction, appearance must be accompanied by the highest quality. It is – literally – a life and health decision. At Pinegard, we make sure that everything we install in your home is worth its price and provides you with both luxury and security for years to come.