Pergola: wooden or aluminium?

A pergola, wooden terrace roof, or garden house all constitute a solution for all weather conditions. They allow you to spend time outdoors whether the sun is blazing or it is raining. If you dream of stepping out with your morning coffee onto your own covered terrace, this solution is perfect for you. However, the selection of pergolas on the market is large, and finding an answer to the question whether to choose a wooden or aluminium pergola is difficult. In this article, we will try to make you decide.

Pergola configuration

In this category, the wooden pergola is the clear winner. Wood can be cut and fitted as desired. In the case of aluminium, this is more difficult. Of course, you won’t have a problem ordering a metal piece with a length of e.g. 4.2 metres, but you need to bear in mind that you will pay the company for the full 5 metres – as manufacturers have specific lengths of the elements that they have to cut to size.

By choosing a wooden pergola, you also have many more options when it comes to its individual components. Walls, a modern wooden terrace roof, lighting, multimedia – there are many more solutions and variants from which to choose than with a metal pergola. At Pinegard, you can also count on a comprehensive service and a huge selection of top-quality items on offer.


A good quality wooden pergola is an extremely durable solution. Properly maintained, it will repay us with an excellent appearance and safe use for years to come. The OSMO coating offered by Pinegard, created on the basis of natural plant oils and waxes, protects the entire structure without the need for difficult care.

A wooden structure is also heavier and therefore less prone to deformation and damage from, for example, strong winds. 

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An aluminium pergola requires less maintenance, but any damage, scratches, dents, etc. are much more visible on it. It is also more prone to any dents, which are really common, for example, during a birthday party. It is also much more complicated to replace components without disturbing the pergola structure. With the wooden option, it is much easier to repair any damage without incurring high costs.

Convenience of use

A modern pergola made of wood is a convenient solution. Due to the robustness and weight of the material, it is more stable, which translates into greater safety and consequent peace of mind for the user, especially if children are also using it.

A wooden pergola also offers many more possibilities for modification than an aluminium one. You can hang a swing in it, add a wall, a screen, a shutter, hide the electrics inside the wood, etc.

In addition, an aluminium pergola heats up in the sun. This does not, of course, affect the experienced temperature underneath, but it does mean that it will be hot to the touch.


Wood is a warm and exclusive material. Not only does it age more beautifully, but it suits both traditional and modern homes. It’s also a versatile material – the multitude of varieties and colours means you don’t have to give up on your own tastes – an anthracite-coloured design will give you both the look of metal and the natural texture of wood.

Pergola from Pinegard

At Pinegard, we have been working with wood for years and have learned its secrets by making hundreds of commissioned structures. Each of our products goes through a carefully planned process. You will not receive a form from us to fill in and contact details for the customer service office. We will agree all the details with you, design your dream structure, assemble it, and clean up after ourselves so that the area looks exactly the same as it did before we arrived.