A modern garden house with a utility room

Siberian larch is a very graceful species of timber used in garden construction. It is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it does not warp or lose its stability and has a high natural resistance to mould and fungi. All these qualities were decisive for us to use it in the construction of this modern garden house with a utility room, which we’ve placed in a backyard forest, among birch trees.

The owners of this project wanted to create a cosy corner in a forest, which does not disturb the surroundings and provides access to fresh air. So we’ve placed the garden house on a terrace made of the same type of wood, taking care to create an open space for dining and relaxation.

A garden house with a utility room among birch trees

The inside of this garden house includes a basic kitchen for preparing meals and beverages. This is an additional function in the leisure area, alongside the utility room. It is in turn the perfect place to store the grill and its accessories. Furthermore, with comfort in mind, we’ve also built a toilet next to this garden storage area.

We’ve made sure that the owners of this garden house can spend time there during cool evenings by installing high-quality Heatscope brand heaters on the ceiling. Protection from wind and the prying eyes of passers-by is ensured by screen type shutters that allow completely closing the open garden house space.

If you are intrigued by this project and would like something similar, call us to discuss your needs.