A pergola with a glass roof

How to provide effective protection from the rain while not restricting light from entering the building? And at the same time create a place that invites you to relax on the terrace? A place that encourages Sunday lunches, meetings with friends, and spending time outdoors? For example, by building such a pergola with a glass roof.
This project constitutes a wooden structure, combined with a building façade. The white openwork garden house blends in perfectly with the body of the house. It does not distort its surroundings, but rather complements them. Thanks to the fact that the pergola is placed on a terrace, it creates an outdoor leisure space. Connected to the house, it increases its usable area by more than 30 m2.

Glazed roof - 100% protection from rain

The boards that make up the ceiling have been covered with thick, toughened, bonded glass. This provides effective protection against rain, even heavy rainfall. In addition, such glass is very strong, and laying it over the boards further stabilises it. Therefore, the owners of this pergola with a glass roof can use it with a sense of peace and security.
The bright interior of the room is retained even after completely closing the front and back walls. Besides the fact that the glass roof constitutes 100% protection against water, it has also additional advantages. Thanks to it, more light enters the interior than in the case of a standard pergola. Therefore, it does not darken the room. In addition, it creates a transparent, modern structure that defines the character of the garden. If you are planning to make a similar pergola at your place, be sure to contact us. The sliding walls, made of glass, not only provide plenty of light, but also retain heat. That is why the owners can use this modern garden house during winter.