A corner pergola on a concrete slab terrace

Do you dream of relaxing comfortably on your terrace, but high temperatures and blinding sunlight get in the way? We have a solution. Even if you have a small house, like the owners of this project, and a corner terrace. How about a corner pergola made of certified wood, which we’ve painted in colours that match the façade and roof? It will provide you with plenty of shade and even something more.

In this project, we have created an additional space in the garden, which in a way enlarges the building area and gives the owners more space to relax and have guests. The high-quality wooden corner pergola fits perfectly into the architecture of the garden and adds a natural charm for the house.

A house-mounted corner pergola

We’ve based this pergola on a terrace made of concrete slabs and fixed it to the walls of the building, which, like the large wooden pillars, makes it very stable. Getting around the downpipes was a challenge, but thanks to the expertise of our fitters and carpenters, we didn’t have to interfere with them.

The roof, which has been divided into several zones, is particularly noteworthy. Completely sheltered on one side, it allowed creating a garden room where the owners placed a table. On the other side, a movable shutter has been placed over a large window. This allows the hosts to limit the flow of light inside, protecting it from excessive heat. Whereas, the openwork corners were made of solid squared timbers, thus creating a comfortable and partially shaded relaxation area.

Do you like this pergola? Would you like to have a similar one on your terrace? Contact us and we will design it together.