Garden gym

How to place an order for a garden gym?

If you have your own design or an idea, please send it to us. If you don't have one, write or call. Together, we will define your needs and present you with a few suggestions. Once you have decided what your sauna should look like, we will prepare a complete cost estimate and present it for your approval.

How much does a garden gym cost?

The price of a garden gym depends on the size, materials, number of glazing, as well as other features. Do you want to use it all year round or only during the summer? These and other factors have an impact on its price.

Which color to choose for a garden gym?

If you want to ensure the stylistic consistency of the architecture on your plot, color certainly matters. That is why when ordering a gym, we will send you color samples. Thanks to this it will be easier to choose the color.

How far from the border of the plot can a garden gym be placed?

According to the construction law, a garden gym is referred to as a shelter. Therefore, when building a gym with an area of up to 50 m2, you can locate it at a distance of at least 3 meters from the plot border. However, the Local Spatial Development Plan may specify detailed provisions for this type of structures. That is why it is best to verify it at the City or Commune Office.

How to prepare the substrate for a garden gym?

A garden gym from Pinegard does not require a specially prepared substrate. We will place it on concrete blocks or footing. We can place it directly on paving stones or concrete slabs.

How often is it necessary to carry out maintenance of a garden gym?

If you order a gym at Pinegard, we'll deliver it with a protective oil coating. Such oil protects the structure against external factors for many years. However, some colors, such as white and anthracite, may wear out faster. That is why maintenance should be carried out as necessary.

How to arrange a garden gym?

The equipment that may be useful in a garden gym should match your expectations. In aerobic training, an elliptical trainer or a stationary bike can be useful. For strength training, you will need chin-up bars and pull-up bars. Whereas, in terms of stretching various training bands and balls can come in handy. For safety reasons and for increasing the user's comfort, the floor can be covered with a mat or rubber plates. We will gladly present you all the available options.

How to build a garden gym?

Don't do it yourself. This requires knowledge and precision. In order for such a gym to be durable, safe, and functional, experience with this type of structures will be useful. At Pinegard, we employ professionals who know their stuff. That is why we will do it for you, and what's more, we are going to provide a guarantee.

How to assemble a garden gym?

We will not only create the design but also prepare individual elements for its construction. At Pinegard, we take care of every stage of your order. That's why our experienced fitters will assemble your gym for you.

How to take the measurements for a garden gym?

Mark all dimensions in the photo, according to the specified points. Usually no detailed measurements are necessary. However, you can always take advantage of our help. Especially if the design is more demanding. If so, then we will come to you and carry out detailed measurements.

How to design a garden gym?

The comprehensive service for implementing a garden gym at Pinegard includes a design, preparation, and assembly. That is why we do not need you to provide a design. All we need is to know your needs, on the basis of which we will prepare a detailed design.

What type of wood to choose for a garden gym?

With this type of building, we can take advantage of a frame structure or one made of HBE glued wood, which gives a lot of freedom in terms of choosing the facade. We can then finish it with boarding or even plaster. For the construction we use selected types of wood that guarantee the structure's durability and stability.