Glassido - modern dog house

Have you ever wondered how to provide your pet with a comfortable and stylish place to relax outdoors? The modern Glassido dog house is the answer. This minimalist and elegant design combines simple design with functionality, providing your dog with an exceptional outdoor shelter.

Price from PLN 5,900

Minimalist dog house

The Glassido dog house, is distinguished by its minimalist design and simple body, which will blend in perfectly with the elegant space of the backyard garden. It is not a place for permanent residence, but a perfect refuge, allowing moments of relaxation for your dog when it gets tired of playing outdoors.

For small and large dogs

Glassido is available in three different sizes: S, M, and L. After all, every dog is different and we don't want to create limitations, on the contrary, we want to provide your four-legged friend with freedom.

Glassido's modern character is complemented by its simple body and flat roof, but what deserves special attention are the windows. Glassido walls fitted with windows - you decide. Windows allow your dog to enjoy a view of its surroundings, have access to natural light and be in your sight at all times.

This modern dog house has been constructed from high-grade timber, which guarantees its durability and resistance to changing weather conditions. Thanks to its robust construction and careful workmanship, Glassido will provide a comfortable shelter for your pet for many seasons.

Size S

Small size - big possibilities. Size S is designed for the smallest dogs, even those with large requirements.

Size L

We do not underestimate the needs of our big friends. Size L is a solution for the largest dogs.

Size M

Average does not mean mediocre. In every size you will receive a top quality product, even for pets that are not the largest.

What do you get when you order Glassido?

  • an exclusive and stylish dog house for your dog
  • the possibility to choose the right size
  • adapting the colour scheme to your surroundings
  • a comfortable and elegant shelter for your pet

Product features

Perfect design

An original design for the most demanding

Attention to detail

We hide what you don't want to see in order to discover wood anew

Quality guarantee

You can be sure that your garden room will be as perfect today as it is going to be years later

Order a modern dog house - Glassido

Glassido is not just a dog house, it is an elegant and comfortable shelter that will make your pet feel like a real member of the family. When you choose Glassido, you choose high quality, minimalist design, and thoughtful solutions.

Ask for a tailor-made offer or see our other modern dog houses.

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Wood with unlimited liability, naturally

Every product we supply you with is made from the finest natural materials. We take our
designs as seriously as we take the environment, and that is why with every order you will receive
from us as a gift of tree seeding so as to maintain the perfect balance - the same balance you love
in our products.

Inspire or be inspired

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