Modern garden houses

Do you dream of a garden space created for comfortable relaxation, offering shelter from cold wind or summer rain, and free from the prying eyes of neighbours? Pinegard’s modern garden houses will help you fulfil this dream.

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Modern garden houses from Pinegard

The garden consists in the green space around a house, created for relaxation. It’s where you want to spend time during warm summer mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book. It’s where you want to spend weekend afternoons by a grill with a bunch of friends. It’s the perfect place to relax no matter what time of day it is and it’s the place where life is vibrant in the summer. If only you could still do it regardless of the weather and have everything you need close at hand. These are the possibilities provided by a garden house.

A garden house is perfect as a shelter from the rainand will allow you to spend time in comfort when you decide to have a barbecue with friends or have a Christmas dinner with family and loved ones surrounded by greenery. Although these are not the only advantages of this solution. Especially if you opt for wooden garden houses.

What do modern Pinegard wooden garden houses look like?

Our garden houses can hardly be called typical houses for the garden. If we had to use a more apt term, it would be a garden room. We can create a structure that is completely covered, sheltered on all four sides with wood or glass, partially open, with separate rooms such as a kitchen, toilet, shower, or utility room, with a dining area, seating area, bar, as well as a grilling area. In other words, the wooden garden houses that you will find in our offer are constructions that perform various functions typical of domestic interiors.

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    Pinegard wooden garden houses - advantages

    Pinegard’s freestanding wooden garden houses constitute elegant and durable structures for moments of relaxation and leisure in any garden. Unlike aluminium garden houses, which significantly heat up on hot days, wooden garden houses provide the perfect microclimate, and are additionally resistant to both high and low temperatures.

    Appropriate impregnation, which we subject Pinegard garden houses to, also ensures their high durability and aesthetic appearance for many years. The wood we use ensures a stable structure, and the possibility of customisation, including making it to any size, choice of colour, roof, terrace, and the possibility of creating rooms, allows it to fit individual needs and the architecture of the surroundings.

    Pinegard’s wooden garden houses are:

    • a comfortable space for relaxing in the garden
    • a garden meeting place with friends
    • an intimate leisure area for family and friends
    • the perfect shelter from the rain
    • an exclusive garden room, tailored to individual needs.

    How are Pinegard wooden garden houses created?

    For the production of modern garden houses at Pinegard, we use high-quality wood. We source our wood from legal and certified sources, so you can be sure that we are acting with respect for the environment and in a fully responsible manner. We choose species that grow traditionally in the cold conditions of Russia and Scandinavia, which makes them more compact and durable compared to Central European and Western species.

    Even though the material is of the utmost importance for a stable and durable structure, it is not the only significant element. You have to know how to work with wood and we at Pinegard have been doing so since 1985. We know its secrets and we know how to work with it, that’s why we bring each element to perfection, cutting, sanding, and impregnating it so that the garden houses created by us look just as good for many years.

    Before we start building a wooden garden house in your garden, we need to get to know your needs, we analyse them, work out the design together with you, choose the materials, prepare the elements, deliver them to your plot, and build.

    How can you customise your garden house?

    You can tailor each project to your needs. Both when we work on it from scratch and when you base it on models we have prepared. Specify the size, choose the construction material, roof sheathing, type of terrace, and furnishings. Remember that both small and large garden houses can have openwork walls made of wooden slats as well as glass. We can divide them into functional areas or rooms.

    Remember that both small and large garden houses can have openwork walls made of wooden slats or glass. We can divide them into functional areas or rooms. We can prepare them for the installation of systems and even equip them with lighting, heating, and other equipment. Think about what you would like a your garden house to look like, write down your ideas and present them to us and we will turn them into a design.


    Exceptional design and unparalleled quality. See what makes our designs attractive for you for many, many years to come.

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    Why order a modern garden house from Pinegard?

    Order this garden house if:

    • you care about a comfortable space for relaxation;
    • you want to create a meeting place for family and friends in your garden;
    • you rely on exclusive materials and high quality workmanship;
    • you are an aesthete who appreciates modern, functional, and elegant design;
    • you value comfort and want the garden house to be built by professionals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Give us a call or send us a message and we will prepare sample proposals, based on your needs, to help you choose the style of the garden house. You can also give us your ideas or inspirations and we will prepare a detailed quote based on these.

    A modern garden house is made of walls and construction elements made of wood. Its price largely depends on the type of wood and additional equipment. It can also include a separate room. It all affects its price.

    A modern garden house is a structure that, in addition to its functionality, must meet certain aesthetic qualities. You can select its colour yourself. After placing your order, we will send you colour samples, from which you will choose the one matching the surroundings on your plot.

    You will find detailed provisions concerning the possibilities and restrictions for constructing a garden house in the Local Spatial Development Plan. However, the general building regulations indicate that a garden house with a construction area of up to 50 m2 should be erected at a minimum distance of 3 metres from the plot boundary.

    A modern garden house requires a stable foundation. This is why concrete footings are used under its structure to support the posts. Once the actual paving is done, the feet will not be visible. As a surface, you can use grass, concrete slabs, pavers or terracing.

    Your garden house will be protected by a durable oil coating. This will make it resistant to various external factors for a long time. Naturally, some of these factors will accelerate its wear and tear. Therefore, repeat maintenance when necessary. Note that intense colours such as anthracite or white have a shorter lifespan than natural wood colours.

    A garden house as a leisure area is actually a garden room. That’s why you furnish it like a living room inside the house. Include a comfortable sofa, living plants, and atmospheric lighting.

    Building a garden house yourself, requires considerable skill and time, as well as the right tools. That’s why it’s better to order a garden house designed by professionals who provide a warranty.

    When you buy a garden house from Pinegard, you don’t have to worry about its assembly. We will personally bring all the necessary components and assemble it on site. This saves you time and is convenient.

    A garden house with a simple design does not require specialised measurements. As a result, all you need to do is mark its dimensions based on the points marked in the photo. If your garden house requires more detailed measurements, we will personally come and take them.

    Don’t worry about the design. We do this every day. We take care of every detail, not only the materials and structural elements, but also all the connecting accessories. You don’t have to remember them. We will prepare a detailed design, tailored to your needs.

    You don’t have to worry about that at all. Just tell us what you want it to be, we’ll work out what it should be like and take care of the design ourselves. We have excessive experience in this regard, so you can rest assured that we will take care of every last detail.

    We only use proper, selected wood species for our garden rooms. We use durable, glued timber whose fibres do not twist. This will make your garden house stable and durable.

    Intimacy when relaxing in a modern garden house is ensured by screens or roller shutters you can install on the structure. So you don’t have to worry about your neighbours’ prying eyes.

    Durable garden furniture is made of rattan, which is resistant to many factors, including precipitation. Therefore, you don’t need to specially shield them from the rain. However, if you like cushioned furniture, then use a durable garden house roof. For example, made of glass.

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