A modern poolside garden house made of thermo-wood


10.0 x 5.0 m


thermo-ash, Scandinavian spruce, HPL board, glass


sliding windows, glass roof, glass wall


light points, LED lighting, socket outlets

Thermo-wood is nothing more than wood that has been thermally treated during several stages. The result of this processing consists in a beautiful, durable, and most importantly, still natural material from which this modern garden house was created. This beautiful building, measuring 10 x 5 metres, is one of our projects. 

The poolside garden house includes a separate utility room and a garden room with a dining area and kitchenette. This allows the hosts to organise successful events with friends.

Despite the large table that takes up a significant part of the garden room, there is also plenty of space to relax. It will accommodate a comfortable sofa or chaise longue for relaxing under a glass roof.

This modern garden house includes a kitchenette. It was set against a wall, finished with decorative concrete. The annex is equipped with a gas grill. A wide extraction has been installed directly above the grill. Therefore, even when the garden house is closed, the owners can enjoy a smoke-free barbecue.

A modern garden house - a garden room open during the summer and tightly glazed during the winter

This spacious garden house built from thermo-wood has a partially glazed roof with openwork boarding. The side wall next to the leisure area was made in the same way. Therefore, the interior is very well lit and at the same time, thanks to the openwork, it does not heat up and gains a pleasant shade. The glazed wall has yet another advantage – it stops draft.

The bright interior of the room is retained even when the front and rear walls are sealed. The sliding walls made of glass not only provide plenty of light, but also retain heat. Therefore, owners can use this modern garden house during the winter.

altana ogrodowa z termodrewna

A robust and stable construction

The thermo-wood used for this garden house is very strong and stable. In addition, the process of thermal modification of the wood extends its life. That is why this garden house will retain its beautiful, original appearance for many years to come. The thermo-spruce used on the external walls is highly resistant to various weather conditions, and the thermo-ash inside, with its low moisture content, does not promote fungal growth. Therefore, a thermo-wood garden house is safe for health and user-friendly.

The modern garden house in this project was covered with an aluminium standing seam sheet metal roof. This is a highly durable material that has protected houses and various buildings for more than 50 years. Moreover, this sheet metal provides a high level of tightness and its flat design provides a modern look. The roof and concealed drainage, combined with the thermo-wood walls, create an even and simple garden house body. As a result, the building blends in perfectly with its surroundings. If you like this design and would like to have a similar one in your garden, please contact us.