A summer kitchen and garden room

Scandinavian spruce is an excellent timber species for wooden frame structures. Proper preservation makes it a wood that is resistant to all conditions. In addition, it is easy to colour. Therefore, in this project, the owners opted for a natural brown and anthracite colour. This summer kitchen and garden room is a modern building. It fits in perfectly with the landscape architecture.
fasada salonu ogrodowego
The 8 × 4 metre building has a façade of highly durable Siberian larch. The massive, thick squared timber, laid horizontally, creates an interesting visual effect. In addition, it is highly resistant to external influences, including temperature fluctuations and precipitation. The building is also protected against these by a membrane roof from the renowned company SIKA. Precipitation is drained off it with an elegant rectangular drainage system.

A modern summer kitchen - design

wnetrze kuchni letniej i salonu w ogrodzie
This building combines a comfortable garden kitchen with a garden room and utility room. As a result, it provides the perfect relaxation in the garden. The kitchen, equipped with a grill, constitutes the perfect place to prepare meals during parties. The owners of this project also opted for efficient and energy-saving LED lighting. A BOSE sound system was also installed. Therefore, this building works in favour of creating opportunities to get together with friends.
taras z modrzewia w salonie ogrodowym
A garden kitchen with a grill and a table with chairs, were located on the terrace. Made of larch planks, it blends in perfectly with the structure. In addition, the grooved boards are more resistant to mechanical damage and provide easier water drainage. This also makes them less slippery.
Set on concrete slabs, the building is located away from the house. Surrounded by trees and other greenery, it provides a refuge for the owners. This gives them the chance to relax comfortably while being outdoors. If you would also like to create such a retreat in your garden, please contact us.