Kubikk - garden pergola

Are you dreaming of the perfect outdoor leisure area that not only protects you from the sun, but also adds elegance and style to your garden? That is what the Kubikk garden pergola is. Our pergola combines functionality with exceptional design, creating a harmonious space where nature and design blend perfectly.

Price from PLN 28,900

More than a pergola - square elegance

The “Kubikk” pergola is distinguished by its square form, which gives the garden a modern feel. It is the perfect solution for those who appreciate minimalist design and functionality. It’s the perfect shelter from the sun during hot summer days, and the perfect place to meet with family and friends.

Proposed dimensions:

3.9 m x 3.9 m x 2.6 m

Area: 15.21 m²

Pinegard photovoltaic solutions available
for this product

Product features

Perfect design

An original design for the most demanding

Attention to detail

We hide what you don't want to see in order to discover wood anew

Quality guarantee

You can be sure that your garden room will be as perfect today as it is going to be years later

Kubikk - your own corner in the garden

The "Kubikk" garden pergola is distinguished by its square form, which gives the garden a modern feel. It is further highlighted by four half-walls that shield the interior from the sun, providing gentle shade.

Inside the pergola there is one open space that you can arrange in many ways - as a leisure area, an outdoor dining area, or even a small gym.

With Kubikk you have complete freedom of choice. You can choose its colour and specify which half-walls - solid or openwork - you want on each side. Moreover, openwork half-walls can vary in appearance - they can consist in slats arranged horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or a panel cut to a custom design. This enables you to create a space that is fully tailored to your needs.

Formally, the choice of form is yours

Modules are not a fad, they are the foundation. Therefore, we will build both the base of the garden house and its walls horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in any pattern you wish. When choosing our garden houses, you are choosing endless options.

All shades of leisure

View your leisure in bright colours. Or dark, if that's the design that suits you best. Intriguing oil stains and eco-coatings will either cover the garden house completely or stain it in the colour of your choice, bringing the beautiful grain pattern to the fore.

Experience Pinegard's quality and style up close

Relax on our chaise longue in one of the luxury hotels. Pack your suitcase with minimalist design and take a satisfying deep breath in the shade of our showroom.

Wood with unlimited liability, naturally

Every product we supply you with is made from the finest natural materials. We take our
designs as seriously as we take the environment, and that is why with every order you will receive
from us as a gift of tree seeding so as to maintain the perfect balance - the same balance you love
in our products.

Inspire or be inspired

Take your idea from your head to the garden - with our help.
Contact us and we will implement your vision or create
a unique design perfectly tailored to you, your home, and your garden.

Leave your number - we'll call you back within 24 hours and talk about a solution for you!

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