A pergola with a retractable automatic roof

Sometimes sun, sometimes... shade. This simple wooden structure constitutes a modern pergola with an automatic roof. That is why its owners can comfortably control the shading. The automatically retractable fabric roof will effectively shield you from excess sunlight. If, on the other hand, more light is needed, it can be easily rolled up. The retractable roof turns this pergola, into a simple, functional garden house. The perfect place for relaxing in the garden.
The waterproof material of this pergola will not only shield the garden house from the sun's rays, but also from the rain. Therefore, users can hide inside to wait out a light summer drizzle. This automatic roller shutter, is built directly over the beams and all its components, are recessed into the wood. That is why they do not lower the aesthetic value of the structure and the pergola looks very elegant.

A pergola with an automatic roof

In addition to the electric, automatically controlled roller shutter, this pergola has several other advantages. The solid wooden construction, made of glued timber, makes it a durable building, resistant to various external factors. Therefore, its owners can enjoy it for many years. Moreover, placed on a terrace of concrete slabs, it creates a room that encourages people to stay and spend more time outside. Whereas, the built-in LED lighting encourages to use it after dark. If you like this project and are considering a similar one for your garden, please email or call us and let's talk about your needs and what we can do for you.