How to arrange a backyard terrace?

A backyard terrace allows you to relax outdoors and enhances the space of your home. The right configuration of a pergola will allow you to use it in various ways.

Aleksandrow pergola

A wooden terrace roof

A wooden terrace roof is the perfect all-weather solution. A table and armchairs will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee or a meeting with friends, regardless of the weather. Installing a rocking chair or hammock will be a great option for children and avid readers – there is nothing more enjoyable for a reading aficionado than a book and tea on a backyard swing.

a garden kitchen with a garden room

A summer garden kitchen

Putting a barbecue under the roof will allow you to create a kitchen to host summer parties. By opening the pergola to the south, you will gain space to grow herbs and vegetables, which are sure to add flavour to your garden party. 

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Wrocław pergola

Terrace garden

Flower lovers will also find the wooden terrace roof a very useful solution. Not all plants love full sun, especially if you are in charge of planting them. The roof will also protect the more delicate plants from strong wind and heavy rain.

WGR Modern Terrace Roof

Architecture and style

If you like redecorating, you will be pleased to know that a pergola can not only refresh, but also change and modernise a building’s body. It is the cheapest way to visually alter the architecture of a house and garden, adding symmetry or – in a modern and attractive way – disrupting it. 

A wooden terrace roof can also add a colourful accent, a contrasting tone, or blend in with the current colour scheme. Furnishing the space under the pergola in a traditional manner will add cosiness, while original modern furniture and sculptures will provide you with a striking backyard art gallery in addition to a comfortable place to relax. 

Whichever wooden terrace roof and pergola space configuration you choose, we guarantee that you will gain your favourite place to relax. Leave the work of creating it to us – we will tailor the entire structure to meet your needs safely and efficiently.