A wooden terrace roof, or when the roof becomes the foundation

When you decide on a terrace, you certainly already have a picture in your mind of what it will look like. You imagine comfy armchairs, a hammock, a table with steaming coffee on it, a deckchair, or perhaps lights hanging everywhere around. And the last thing you’re thinking about is a terrace roof. While implementing your vision actually depends on this.

Size matters

Let’s start with the most important thing – size. It will be decisive in terms of what we will be able to do under our pergola and whether it is going to be adjacent to the house or a free-standing structure. 

The most popular wooden terrace roof measures 4×5 metres and allows you to comfortably fit a table, six chairs, a barbecue underneath and still have plenty of space to move around. Most people who are interested in a terrace pergola opt for a seating set and a larger dining table, for such a set we put up a 4×6 or 4×8 metre wooden terrace roof. 

Kraków terrace

Not just all or nothing

Importantly, a modern wooden terrace roof does not have to be constructed over the entire structure. A fixed part of it can be left exposed. This is a good solution, for example, because of the plants or the designated area for deck chairs and sunbathing. We take each of these options into account when determining the dimensions together.

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Tailor-made material

The manner of using the garden house will also have an impact on the material of the wooden terrace roof. If you choose furniture with cushions, then – unless you want to bring them in and out of the house every day – a hard, fixed roof is the best option. You can choose glass, which is more expensive but will give you plenty of light, or a sheet metal or membrane roof. This option is cheaper, but will of course limit access to natural light. 

Shutters are another option. Manual ones provide good protection against the sun and a little bit of rain, but should be rolled up during strong wind to avoid damage. Automatic roller shutters protect against both sun and rain and automatically retract when the wind blows too hard. However, they are quite expensive.

More than four walls

It is difficult to feel comfortable when our privacy can be disturbed by strangers. That is why wall curtains constitute an interesting solution. Openwork, vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal ones can protect you not only from the sun and wind, but also from the prying eyes of your neighbours.

Get in tune

A modern pergola has to include modern multimedia. When choosing a wooden terrace roof, it is a good idea to plan right away for space to hide cables, e.g. for speakers, a projector, led lighting, a plug for charging equipment, or a wifi amplifier. 

As you can see, the modern wooden terrace roof plays a key role in the overall design. It not only fulfils an aesthetic role, but also a utility one, creating a dream place for you to relax.