A swimming pond or a swimming pool

Do you dream of a place to relax in a luxurious garden room and cool off with a swim? A swimming pool and swimming pond constitute symbols of luxury, if only because we have the space to build them. This, of course, is something we can’t help you with, but we’ll suggest a few things that might bring you closer to your dream.

Swimming pool

A pool constitutes the perfect solution for those who appreciate minimalism, clean lines and a more industrial feel. You also don’t need a lot of space – the width of the pool should be a minimum of 2.5m wide (usually 4-8) and 6m long (usually 8-12). 

Of course, a modern garden room is in perfect harmony with a pool. It can include space not only for changing clothes, but also for catching your breath, cooling down, having a coffee or even a pool party. The room or pergola can be matched to the pool in colour and style, giving you an elegant place to relax. The wooden terrace roof will also allow you to enjoy being outdoors if the weather changes.

The most commonly mentioned downside of a pool is the chlorinated water. More and more people are allergic to chlorine, and even if they are not, they are not entirely comfortable with the smell, or the the sole fact of using chemicals. Of course, it’s the reason why the pool water is so clear and has an attractive colour, but for many people this is not enough to justify the use of artificial agents. The need to drain the water for the winter can also be a problem, although in the case of polyester pools it is advisable to leave a little water in, as without it the basin can crack. 

Swimming pond

Swimming ponds are becoming increasingly popular and this is hardly surprising. Indeed, they surpass swimming pools in almost every respect. 

A swimming pond constitutes a combination of a swimming pool and a pond. They are physically demarcated and the entire pond is divided into three sections: a regeneration section, a swimming section, and a biological filtration chamber. Unlike a swimming pool, a pond does not require chemicals, as all the work is done by plants and natural filters. This makes it cheaper to maintain and, of course, healthier. It can also be great news that it doesn’t need to be drained, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your own ice rink during winter.

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Garden ponds are also a great solution for nature lovers. Due to the fact that the filtration takes place thanks to plants, the entire thing can look like a wild lake and one in which it is safe to swim. It also fits perfectly in a garden and there is no need to level the ground for it. By putting a wooden garden house next to it, we will have a lake, a pool, and a pool house in the garden. This will provide you with a comfortable place to hang out, grill, or keep an eye on the children splashing in the water.

A modern garden house or wooden pergola will also blend perfectly into the landscape without taking the attention from the star of the garden, the swimming pond.