Building a garden house and pergola step by step

When you order a Pinegard garden house or pergola, you can be absolutely sure that every element will be exactly as you want it. Regardless of whether you like one of our original designs or want to create something completely new, we will help you during every stage of the process.

Step 1: Foundation

Once you’ve visited our website, seen the photos, searched for your dream constructions on Pinterest or Instagram, it’s time to get in touch. Even at this stage, we want to be on the same page in terms of vision, so we will ask you to send photos and links to structures that inspire you. Indicative dimensions, or a description of what you want to fit in the garden house and how you want to use it, will also be useful. We will construct your project on this basis.

Step 2: A palette of possibilities

Based on your inspirations and description, we send you possible options and a presentation of the solutions that will make your dream garden house or pergola start to take shape. At this stage you choose what you like best, and there are quite a few possibilities. Starting with the wood, its colour, its laying, the roofing, the glazing, the screens, the dividers, the swings, the electrics, the space for the electric grill, etc. 

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Step 3: Outline without scratches

You receive an initial idea from us along with a price range. When we all feel that the concept includes everything we need to start working, we will write up a detailed order with specifications and start production.

Modern Pergola Garden House

Step 4: The perfect garden house material

We know the waiting is the worst, we’ve all stood in the window waiting for the pizza delivery man, let alone when it comes to building a garden house that the whole family is waiting for! That is why, between the signing of the order and the start of the assembly, you will receive samples of wood, fabrics, and other materials which can be used to construct the structure. You choose the ones that suit you best and the samples – of course – stay with you. While waiting for our professionals, you can even use them to build a miniature garden house ;).

Step 5: thorough description

However, before we come to assemble the garden house, you will also receive an executive drawing from us with all the precise dimensions and details (and if you haven’t already built a mini garden house using the samples, you can now make one to a very exact scale). Once accepted, all that remains is to arrange a specific date.

Modern Garden Skierniewice

Step 6: well done

We are assembling! Our team will come to you at the appointed time, assemble the entire structure, carry out tests and clean up after themselves so that the area looks as it did before we arrived. And that’s it; your dream garden house, pergola, carhouse, or other product is ready!