A modern garden shed with an extended roof

You can buy a ready-made garden shed to put in your garden, but will it be as elegant and durable as the modern garden shed we’ve built in terms of this investment? Will it fit in just as well? Will it match the look of the house and perform the functions you expect?

How did we build this modern garden shed?

This garden shed has a simple modern form. We’ve used Scandinavian spruce for its construction, which is durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. We’ve coated its surface with a layer of protective oil so that it is not threatened by pests, fungi, and moulds. To ensure that the door did not interfere with its aesthetics, we flush-faced it with the façade and based the single-sided roof on two anthracite-coloured wooden beams. This provided the owners with additional space for a suspended barbecue.

Unusual tasks for a typical garden structure

The investors set us a seemingly fairly typical task, but they wanted to maximise the potential of the structure. That is why, this modern garden shed constitutes not only a place to store garden equipment and tools. Its roof is a surface for installing photovoltaic panels. For this purpose, we’ve reinforced its structure and also took care to drain the water into a rainwater tank.

Do you like this solution? Would you like to have a similar one in your garden? Be sure to contact us.