Wooden outbuildings – a way for beautifully storing

Finding the perfect wooden outbuilding causes many problems for homeowners. And this is despite the multitude of models available on the market. The problem with them is that they all look quite similar and it is remarkably difficult to find a way to store items beautifully.

Designer utility room

Just because it has to accommodate the usual rakes, shovels, or lawnmower doesn’t mean it can’t look extraordinary. Just like other Pinegard products, the tool house is characterised by perfect design. We will design the modern wooden storage structure to create a beautiful and coherent visual whole with your home.

Puszczykowo building

Storage without hiding

In addition to luxurious design, Pinegard wooden outbuildings stand for materials of the highest quality. We do not underestimate their role, which is why we build them from the same grade of wood as our garden houses and pergolas. This makes the entire structure look so beautiful that you will want to display it. Our utility room will therefore blend in perfectly with an illuminated carport, a modern garden house with a summer kitchen, or next to a wooden terrace roof as a place to also store cushions, children’s toys, and other handy gadgets.

Perfectly developed

The most important feature of a utility room must consist in functionality. Due to the fact that we will individually design you wooden outbuilding, you can be sure that you are going to fit everything in, even items of unusual size. As in the case of a custom made garden storage, here it is also possible to choose shelves, containers, hooks, drawers, and doors. After all, the maintainer of order has to be exceptionally tidy.

Wooden garden outbuilding by any measure

Given what it conceals, the word “building” is a real understatement. Depending on what you will be storing in it, we will present you with various size options. None of these will, of course, require a building permit. Your garage will certainly thank you!

A safe tool storage

At Pinegard, we take tool houses very seriously. We know that it is not only garden items or bags of soil that go in them, but also cushions, lounge chairs, wood for the fireplace, grills, bicycles, and even scooters. That is why your wooden outbuilding will not only be durable and tight, but it is also going to include a magnetic key lock.