Shade and sunshine at home - a pergola for the terrace

The owners of this house prioritise ergonomics and economy, which is why they choose modern solutions like photovoltaics. They also opted for a small house that is easy to heat. With their large windows, they have ensured sunlight to provide warmth during winter. Unfortunately, during summer, the same windows make it too hot inside. The installed shutters do not do their job very well, so another solution was needed to provide shade. This resulted in that the investors commissioned us to construct a pergola for the terrace.

How do you get a bit of shade on your terrace and in your home?

The pergola we’ve installed on the small terrace was tailored specifically to it and does not extend beyond its contours. We’ve made it entirely of wood, painted in a graphite colour, matching the look of the house and the roofing. In this way, we’ve created a coherent whole.

When designing this pergola, we had to keep the main goal in mind at all times – to provide shade inside the house without restricting the flow of sufficient light. That is why we’ve made the wooden terrace roof of fixed wooden slats, arranged at the right angle to the sun. Thanks to this, we were able to meet this task.

A pergola for the terrace that does not restrict the flow of light

Although it is a small and lightweight structure, its positioning was crucial. It is not easy to put up a pergola on a terrace, which tends to restrict the flow of light, while ensuring that there is no shortage of it. We’ve calculated the layout of the panels, taking into account geographical directions and the angle of incidence of light. Due to this, the project was definitely a success. The owners do not need to close the window blinds to get pleasant shade inside during summer. Moreover, they have gained a cosy space for outdoor leisure. All they have to do is place the furniture under the pergola, and the terrace in a way becomes an extension of the living room.

If you also have plans to build a pergola that requires the right approach, be sure to contact us.