A wooden terrace roof under a balcony

A wooden terrace roof under a balcony provides shelter from rain, wind, and sun. It also improves the overall aesthetics of the house. However, it primarily creates additional space for relaxation. It constitutes a natural extension of the living room and allows you to relax outdoors. This is exactly what the customers for whom we've made such a roof wanted to achieve.

Where did the idea for roofing the terrace under a balcony come from?

The investors, who asked us to make such a roof, wanted to make their terrace more functional. Their house is not sheltered by trees or other buildings, thus making their terrace receive a lot of sunlight. The balcony above it does not provide enough shade. Therefore, sitting on the terrace on a sunny day was not pleasant. Wanting to make the place more functional, the owners came up with the idea of a wooden terrace roof.

How did we construct the wooden terrace roof under a balcony?

Due to the fact that the wooden terrace roof in this project had to be integrated into the balcony, its design had to be lightweight and in line with the aesthetics of the house. Therefore, we've proposed a roof in the style of garden rooms. We've installed openwork slats on the vertical beams. We've used durable Scandinavian wood for this.

We've also taken care of the aesthetic drainage, the anthracite colour of which corresponds to the roofing of the house. All of this makes the structure blend in very well with the body of the building.

Advantages of a wooden terrace roof under a balcony

While working on this project, we kept thinking about the problems our clients were facing. We wanted to provide them with enough shade so that they could finally enjoy their terrace and spend time in the garden while eating meals and meeting their loved ones. The wooden terrace roof made by us allows them to do all this.

If you also need a similar solution, turn to us. We are happy to help.