A terrace glass pergola as a minimalist wooden terrace roof

This project is not large. We were limited by the size of the terrace, which was created in a small garden. The architecture of the building and its surroundings, which is not very common in Poland, including a grey brick façade and sparse green vegetation, forced us to find a solution that would fit in perfectly with this design. Therefore, when the owners decided to build a fixed wooden terrace roof, we opted for a simple pergola in a graphite colour.

Protection against rain that does not limit light

The terrace glass pergola was mounted to the walls of the building. However, the investors did not want to limit the access of light to the inside, so they opted for glass panels as a terrace roof. We used safe, toughened glass, which is resistant to cracking caused by temperature differences and also offers 100% protection against rain. The owners are therefore able to use the terrace space, even in weather that is unfavourable for relaxing outdoors.

A glass pergola over a terrace

In this case, the glass roof is supported by solid wooden beams, which have a positive impact on the stability of the entire structure. Not only does it have a modern look that fits in perfectly with the architecture of the development, but it also allows for comfortable relaxation on the terrace during summer days. The owners can enjoy the view of the sky and spend long hours here at any time of the day or night. If you too would like to have a similar glass pergola over your terrace, contact us.