A poolside wooden garden house

In Poland, it is not common to find a swimming pool in the garden, let alone a typical pool house. However, the investors of this project opted for a small and functional wooden garden house. This provided space for a changing room and relaxation area. A separate 2×2 metre room is a good place to store pool accessories.
This quite large building, measuring 4×6 metres, was built on a terrace of composite decking. It is highly resistant to water, so it is perfect to be located poolside. In addition, it makes it possible to set up sun loungers, seats, or tables. In other words, to organise a leisure area, which is also possible in the evening. This is because LED lighting has been installed in the roof rafters, making it possible to use the interior after dark.

A wooden garden house

The façade of this garden house is made of Scandinavian spruce, which is resistant to various factors. The 45×70 mm boards, which are laid in an openwork pattern, make the garden house look very modern. In addition, this wood performs well in a variety of conditions. It is unaffected by temperature differences and is also resistant to mould and fungus thanks to its protective oil coating.
The construction includes a flat roof with a membrane, and drainage is provided by an almost invisible culvert. In addition, the attic around the building creates an elegant visual effect. It blends in perfectly with the garden architecture all around. Are you thinking about a pool house like this next to your pool? Contact us and let's work out the details.