A poolside garden room

A garden room constitutes a cosy and comfortable space for relaxing, dining with the family, or entertaining guests. If we locate it by a pool, it will additionally serve us as a relaxation area. It can also include a changing room, shower room, and even a pool engine room. These were exactly the needs of the investors of this garden room concerning this project.

A swimming pool in the garden requires facilities

Constructing a swimming pool in the garden involves arranging a space to house the pumps and controls. Using the pool, on the other hand, is more convenient if we can change next to it, hide from the sun, and relax after swimming. The owners of this pool wanted this facility to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, so they asked us to help.

How was the poolside garden room created?

We've built this poolside garden room using high-quality wood, starting with the structural beams and ending with the façade, which was made from Scandinavian spruce. Scandinavian spruce has a high resistance to wear and harsh weather conditions and is also characterised by small knots and a slightly yellowish hue. Combined with the anthracite colour of the beams and the large glazing on the front, it creates an elegant garden room.

Functional poolside space in the garden

This elegant building serves many different functions. Not only does it provide a comfortable space for recreation, but it houses the aforementioned engine room and a utility room where accessories, furniture or garden tools can be stored.

If you would also like to have such a poolside garden room, please contact us.