A pergola with an automatic roller shutter

If you love time outdoors, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and shaded place for relaxing, eating, or entertainment. Our clients from Luboń are precisely such people. The investors commissioned us to design and install a pergola with a suspended automatic roller shutter.

Where did the idea for a pergola with an automatic roller shutter come from?

Thanks to a pergola with an automatic roller shutter, you can enjoy sun or shade, breeze or rain, all at the touch of a button. It is up to you to decide what function you want the roller shutter to perform at any given time, and this makes the place for relaxing in the garden more comfortable. This is precisely why, the investors of this project, decided on this solution.

How was the pergola with an automatic roller shutter created in this project?

Initially, the task was quite easy for us. The garden already included a base of concrete slabs on which the owners had placed furniture. All they lacked was a wooden terrace roof and shelter from the wind and sun. So all that was needed was to position the vertical beams at the corners of the ground, set the roof beams on top of them and install the boards that form the openwork walls.

It was a little bit more difficult to install the grand roller shutter with automatic control. However, as the owners of the new pergola stated, we've handled this task very well. Now they can spend time in this extraordinary outdoor space.

Advantages of a pergola with an automatic roller shutter

We've built many pergolas and wooden terrace roofs and in retrospect, not every one has been as grand as this project. The system used here consists of a waterproof fabric, controlled solely by electricity. The motorised system allows the roof to be opened and closed remotely, giving users great comfort and control.

Thanks to the fact that we've based the wooden terrace roof on a solid wooden structure, we achieved great aesthetics that blend perfectly with the surrounding space. We are happy to take on similar challenges. If you would like to install a similar solution in your garden, please contact us.