A modern wooden garage

Glued timber is used for its construction, which is resistant to various external influences and durable. This modern wooden garage, measuring 9×6 metres, constitutes one of our implemented projects. A building of this size has as many as two parking spaces. In addition, it is connected to a large utility room, which is accessed from the outside by a double door. This allows the owners to store not only bicycles but also a quad bike or a garden mower.
dach wiaty garazowej na samochod
Despite the large table that takes up a large part of the garden room, there is also plenty of space to relax. There is room for a comfortable sofa or a chaise longue on which to relax, under the glass roof The structure of this wooden garage is topped with aluminium standing seam sheet roofing. This material has been in use for more than 50 years. Nevertheless, it is still a popular choice as it provides a high level of tightness. In addition, the standing seam metal sheet roof looks very modern. It fits perfectly with the design of this wooden garage. The rectangular drainage also fits it perfectly, as it is is unobtrusive and does not disturb the visual effect.

A beautiful wooden garage

brama hormann nowoczesna wiata samochodowa
The garage room, with two stalls, is closed with a high-quality Hormann gate. An internally mounted gate in graphite was used here. It contrasts perfectly with the wooden structure of the building. In turn, directional lighting is placed on the façade above the gate. It effectively illuminates the driveway and the entrance to the utility room. Similarly as is done by spot-lighting on the inside.
przeslony scienne wiaty samochodowej
The side constructions of this wooden garage were made of boards arranged vertically. In this design, they are adjacent to the wooden interior walls. However, they can also be made of glass or membrane.
okna na scianie nowoczesnej wiaty samochodowej
Natural light enters the interior through narrow windows mounted on one of the walls of the building. The entire thing looks very beautiful and modern. If you like this wooden garage and would like to have a similar one, please contact us.