A modern terrace pergola with a suspended roof

How to effectively shield the interior of a room from the sun? You can install an awning or shutters. Or you can go a step further like the homeowners in this project by ordering this modern terrace pergola. Apart from providing shade, it includes another advantage. Because the flat is located in a multi-family building, it effectively protects you from the prying eyes of your neighbours.
Even though the pergola was the priority for this project, it does not play the main role. The beautiful terrace of smooth Siberian larch definitely comes to the fore here. Together with the light-coloured building façade, it forms the perfect backdrop for furniture and decoration arrangements. At the same time, it is a natural extension of the living room in the flat thanks to its wide windows. Therefore, the owners, when inviting guests, can hold a meeting simultaneously in both places.

Suspended manual shutter

This modern terrace pergola measures 5 × 3 metres and is painted in a dark grey colour that matches the colour of the windows. It therefore forms a harmonious whole with the building. The manually operated suspended shutter, on the other hand, provides privacy and comfort when relaxing. This allows the owners to enjoy a bit of shade on sunny summer days. Just like the intimacy and proximity to the house. Did you like this design and would you like to have a similar one? Contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.