A modern garden shed

Every garden needs a place to store tools and equipment for its maintenance. However, usually ready-made farmhouses are neither aesthetically pleasing nor the best made. They are often available made from inexpertly cut boards, metal, or plastic that does not fit in with the architecture of the surroundings. Meanwhile, the modern garden shed we’ve constructed in terms of this project fits in perfectly.

A garden shed - a modern design

The garden shed has a simple body similar to the building standing next to it. Its façade consists in laths of Siberian larch, the same as used on the house’s façade. To make the two buildings as consistent as possible, the window was also made in the same shape and colour. As a result, the garden shed blends in perfectly with its surroundings and presents a modern appearance. High aesthetics are also ensured by doors flush with the façade, which are almost invisible.

Quality and functionality above all

Siberian larch is one of the more commonly chosen wood species for garden structures. This is because it is a durable material that is resistant to the weather, as well as pests and fungi. In addition, its dark colour harmonises beautifully with modern garden architecture. In addition, we’ve made the floor in this garden shed out of Oriented Stand Boards (OSB). This makes it easy to keep clean.

The owners of this project focus not only on aesthetics and high quality workmanship, but also on functionality. A garden irrigation control system has been installed inside this modern garden shed, which definitely adds to the convenience.

If you like this form of a garden shed, contact us and we will develop your project together.