A modern carport with a utility room

The wooden carport constitutes a modern form of providing a roof for a car, still not very popular in Poland. However, when the owners of this carport saw our previous projects, they quickly recognised its advantages. A wooden carport is an attractive shelter for any car, boat, or camper.

Advantages of a wooden carport

You don't need a garage that obstructs the view of your garden to provide effective protection from rain, snow, or sun for your car. You can choose a more aesthetically pleasing solution - a wooden carport. Apart from the obvious shelter, it will add to the beauty of your property. A well-designed carport made of solid materials can serve you for many years.

How was this carport with a utility room created?

The owners of this spacious garden in Wrocław wanted a carport that would not restrict the space, but at the same time be coherent with it. An additional requirement was that it should be able to accommodate 2 cars. So we've built a two-car carport with a simple structure, but using high-quality materials.

The structure was made of solid Scandinavian wood, resistant to the harshest climatic conditions, and we've additionally protected it with a layer of protective oil. The roof, on the other hand, was made of a very unpopular titanium-zinc covering. This was supplied to our special order by the world's leading manufacturer of this material from Germany, the Rheinzink company.

At the customers' request, we've also added a utility room, which increases the carport's functionality. It is a good storage space for tools or car accessories.

What have the investors of this wooden carport gained?

Implementing this project, we wanted to respond to all our customers' needs. We've built a two-station wooden roof from robust materials that protects their cars from harmful weather, precipitation and wind.

If you too would like to have such a carport, we would be happy to make one for you.