A garden room with a spa on a terrace with a garden structure

How do you create a terrace space that works in favour of relaxation? For example, like the investors of this project. A large pergola was placed on a concrete slab terrace. The 3 × 9 metre wooden structure helps to achieve a division into 3 zones, each serving different activities. One part included a table for 6 people, another a large room area and next to it another with a hydry-massage bath. In such a garden room, leisure in the garden can last for hours.
strefy wypoczynku w ogrodowym spa
The 3 separate areas of the garden room required installing 3 separate roller shutter sections. Manually controlled, they provide protection from the sun's rays. At the same time, together with the wooden fence and hedge, they form a private space. This prevents neighbours from looking over the fence and allows the owners to enjoy the bath and relax in an intimate way.
promienniki heatscope pure ogrodowe spa
In this garden room, relaxation is also possible during cool evenings. This is because it includes 3 Heatscope Pure radiant heaters. Their stylish design fits perfectly into the modern garden concept. They offer pleasant warmth and have a positive effect on the comfort of those within their reach. They do not generate much light, so they don't interfere with privacy. In addition, they are waterproof. Therefore, they are not afraid of rain. They can be controlled remotely. As a result, they are easy to operate.

A garden spa with a wooden structure

konstrukcja ogrodowa drewniana na tarasie
This spacious garden room with a garden spa has gained its charm due to the Scandinavian spruce construction. The glued timber squares are very stable and resistant to harsh outdoor conditions. Rain is no match for them, as well as low or high temperatures. They retain their impeccable appearance for a long time. In addition, the oil treatment makes them a truly durable material. In this design, the clear oil finish blends in perfectly with the rest of the surrounding architecture. If you are thinking about such a garden room on your terrace, please contact us.