A garden in a block of flats can also include a pergola

Yes, you have to get the developer’s and the community’s approval for such a construction. However, when this is achieved, the joy of owning a pergola in such an area is immense. The comfort offered by a garden pergola in a garden next to a block of flats is immense. Especially as modern multi-family buildings do not usually provide privacy, and certainly do not do so in the gardens next to ground floor flats, which are usually only divided by a low fence. That is why the owners of this large pergola appreciate its many advantages.

Ideas for a garden on the ground floor of a block of flats

The investors in this project, who purchased a corner apartment on the ground floor of a block of flats, have a large garden. However, such space in multi-family buildings is not the most comfortable. There is no intimacy in it. It is easy to look at what the owners of the garden are doing, both from the upper floors and in this case from the garden located next to it. However, the owners decided to find a solution and turned to us for help.

A garden pergola next to an apartment in a block of flats

A garden on the ground floor of a block of flats required the right approach and design. We wanted to create an intimate space where the residents of this development could relax in comfort, without the prying eyes of neighbours. This is how this garden pergola was created. We’ve placed it on a terrace made of Siberian larch – this wood is resistant to harsh weather conditions and, thanks to oiling, also to mould and fungus.

In order not to restrict the flow of light during the day, we’ve constructed the ceiling including adjustable roller shutters. We’ve mounted a similar one on the wall. We’ve also installed state-of-the-art LED lighting on the ceiling, allowing the investors to take advantage of this large pergola in the evening. Additionally, it is remarkably impressive.

Wanting complete privacy, we’ve covered the neighbours’ garden with a large fence. Now, the owners can enjoy a comfortable space. Host a barbecue on it with friends or enjoy their morning coffee under the rays of the rising sun.

As you can see, nothing is impossible for us. If you wish to have a similar pergola, you have a garden next to a ground level apartment in a block of flats and would like to have a similar pergola in it, please contact us.