A freestanding garden pergola with a Siberian larch terrace

Scandinavian spruce is an excellent timber species that grows up in harsh climates. Its layers are dense, making it very robust. Thanks to this it is often used in garden architecture. As in this project, where we've built a freestanding garden pergola out of it. The 7x4 metre construction was made of boards, painted with OSMO brand anthracite oil. Therefore, they are well preserved and look very modern.

A room in the garden

The floor of this wooden garden pergola is made of Siberian larch boards. Like Scandinavian spruce, it is highly resistant to precipitation and outdoor temperatures. Larch, which grows slowly in harsh conditions, consists of dense layers of grain. That is why it is very robust. In addition, the terrace boards are grooved. As a result, they drain water perfectly. Therefore, heavy rain doesn't affect them either.
The owners can take care of shade and privacy while relaxing in the garden with the use of manually operated shutters. Because they are suspended, they provide additional protection against rainfall.
This freestanding pergola constitute a place where the owners can spend quality time with friends. Its design makes it very presentable. It works great for a grill with friends or other events. Combined with modern furniture, it makes for a very elegant outdoor room. If you would also like to have one at your home, please contact us.