Pinegard and Sunreef Yachts present luxury in Düsseldorf

During the prestigious 2023 Düsseldorf Boat Show, a presentation was made that attracted the attention of many visitors. It consisted in our collaboration with Sunreef Yachts – a global leader in designing and constructing luxury sailing and power catamarans.

Pinegard and Sunreef Yachts – luxury design and experience

At Pinegard, we have been creating unique, custom, premium class garden structures since 1985, with a focus on durability, functionality, and aesthetics. These values are also at the heart of the Sunreef Yachts brand.

Although the success and dynamic development of the prestigious Sunreef Yachts brand constitutes the work of Francis Lapp – its founder and president, who comes from France – the production of these luxury boats takes place at the former Gdańsk Shipyard with the participation of talented Polish craftsmen.

We’ve joined forces to show the world that Poles can create not only luxury yachts, but also thoughtful, aesthetic, and functional garden structures.

Elegance combined with functionality

The Sunreef Yachts stand, next to the magnificent catamarans, included Pinegard’s pergola. It was not only a piece of decoration, but also a practical addition to the space, fitting in perfectly with the aesthetics of luxury yachts.

The pergola, like all structures created by Pinegard, testified to the high quality and attention to detail. These are values exceptionally close for both companies. At Pinegard, we proudly pass them on in every garden house, wooden terrace roof, carport, and other garden structures that we always adapt to the customer’s individual needs.

Cooperation from Poland

The decision to cooperate was natural. The two companies, although operating in different industries, share common values – a passion for craftsmanship, attention to even the smallest detail, and the pursuit of perfection. The joint presentation during the fair was proof that the Polish design ideas are valued and recognised internationally.

Pinegard and Sunreef Yachts brands say that the future is full of possibilities

At Pinegard, we are proud of our partnership with Sunreef Yachts and are delighted that together we could show the world that Polish quality, design, and innovation have something to boast about. We believe this is just the beginning of our journey together in the world of luxury and design. We will continue to emphasise the importance of a sustainable approach to both the design and construction process of our structures, which reflect functionality, style, and comfort.