Modern wooden pergola

How to place an order for a pergola?

It’s very easy. Write or call us. We will talk about your needs and propose a few options. If you already have an idea for a modern wooden pergola on your plot, send it to us and we will verify it in detail, take care of the necessary elements, and provide you with a quote.

How much does a pergola cost?

The cost of a pergola depends primarily on the type of its roofing material. You can choose glass, roller blinds (automatic or manual), or a hard roofing (modern sheet metal or PVC membrane).

Which pergola color to choose?

We understand that looks matter. That is why you can order the Kubikk pergola in almost any color. After placing an order, we will send you color samples to help you make a decision.

How close to the plot border can you place a pergola?

When placing a pergola, with a building area of up to 50 m2 on your plot, you must keep a distance of at least 3 meters from its border. However, regulations concerning a specific plot may differ. Verify the regulations with the Local Spatial Development Plan for your plot, available at the City or Commune Office. How to prepare the substrate for a modern wooden pergola?

How to prepare the substrate for a modern wooden pergola?

As any solidly constructed building, a pergola should also be placed on a properly prepared surface. A pergola is placed on concrete footing. You can easily cover the footing with the final surface. For example, with slabs, grass, or a terrace.

How often is it necessary to carry out maintenance of a pergola?

We provide the Kubikk pergola with a durable oil coating that protects it for many years. However, various external factors may cause this protective layer to wear out faster. That is why maintenance should be carried out as needed. Such intense colors as white or anthracite are characterized by a shorter life than natural wood colors.

How to construct a pergola?

Building a pergola individually is not only time-consuming, but also requires experience and precision. That is why it is better to order a professionally designed pergola that will answer all your needs. Pinegard will provide you with a pergola tailored to your needs, along with a guarantee.

How to assemble a pergola?

When ordering a modern wooden pergola at Pinegard, you don't have to worry about assembly. Let's determine what it should look like, and we will deliver all the elements necessary for assembly and install the structure at the designated location.

How to take the measurements for a pergola?

If your pergola is to have the shape of a simple structure, all you have to do is mark its dimensions basing on the points in the photo. In turn, if your pergola is to have an unusual form, we will come to you and carry out all the necessary measurements.

How to design a pergola?

We design pergolas on a daily basis. We know how to do it, what elements should be included, and what materials to prepare. We prepare a complete design based on your needs.

What kind of wood to choose for pergolas?

The type of wood has an impact on how the pergola looks and on the structure's quality. That is why for the construction of a pergola, we use certified glued wood, which is durable for many years, does not twist or crack. Furthermore, glued wood has a perfectly smooth surface with visible grain.

How to protect a pergola from neighbors?

A modern wooden pergola is a perfect structure on which you can easily install wall shades or roller blinds. That is why you will not only effectively protect it from the neighbors, but also from the impact of weather conditions such as intense sunlight or rain.