Garden sauna

How to place an order for a garden sauna?

A garden sauna requires specific solutions. So write or call us. We will work out the details together and provide you with various suggestions. We will then draw up a design and provide you with a quote. If you have your own design, send it to us and we will prepare a price quote.

How much does a garden sauna cost?

Not only the size of the sauna, but also the species of wood and the interior fittings have a great impact on the price of a sauna. Tell us what you need and we will prepare a detailed quote for your garden sauna.

What colour should I choose for my garden sauna?

The choice of colour is a matter of aesthetics and consistency in the architecture of your home's surroundings. This is why we will send you colour samples after you order your garden sauna. This makes it easy to match the colour to your needs and surroundings.

How far from the plot boundary can a garden sauna be located?

Unlike garden sheds, a garden sauna is not a building attached to the ground. Therefore, you can place it anywhere. There are no legal restrictions on its construction. Just ensure your comfort and privacy.

How to prepare the substrate for a garden sauna?

A garden sauna does not require any special substrate. It can be placed directly on paving stones or a concrete slab. However, we can also set it simply on footings or concrete blocks, which are easily placed on the ground surface.

How often to carry out maintenance of a garden sauna?

When you order your sauna from Pinegard, we will supply it with a protective oil coating. This way you don't have to worry about it wearing out quickly and losing its aesthetic appearance. However, you must bear in mind that some colours wear out faster. If you choose natural brown tones, maintenance only needs to be repeated every few years. Intense colours such as white or anthracite will require more frequent treatments.

How to arrange a garden sauna?

The basic equipment of each sauna consists in a bench, heater, controller, and lighting. In addition, a garden sauna can be equipped with an alarm button, an hourglass or a thermo-hygrometer. These items definitely make using the sauna easier. However, you can further enhance your comfort with seat headrests and sauna accessories such as a cauldron, scoop, and essential oils. If you like to relax to the sound of music, make sure you have a sound system as well.

How to construct a garden sauna?

This is no ordinary, simple construction. That's why its design and assembly should be commissioned to professionals with experience. At Pinegard, we will prepare a design, tailored to your needs, make all the necessary components, and assemble them at your premises.

How to assemble a garden sauna?

Assembling a garden sauna requires knowledge and experience. For you to enjoy your comfort and your time in the sauna, everything has to work properly. Therefore, don't worry about the assembly. We will do it for you.

How to take the measures for a garden sauna?

If it's a sauna based on a rectangle then you don't need to take any detailed measurements. All you need to do is mark them out for us based on the individual points in the photo. However, if your garden sauna is to have a slightly more complex form, we will take care of the measurements personally.

How to design a garden sauna?

We do not need a design from you (unless you have one). All we need to do is define your exact needs and we will prepare a detailed design. We will take care of every element. This way, you will be left with enjoying the relaxing moments spent in the sauna.

What wood is used for a garden sauna?

The wood that works best for this type of construction is glued timber. This is exactly what we use for the production of garden saunas at Pinegard. It provides a stable structure that retains its original appearance for many years. As a result, you don't have to worry about renovating it.

How screen off a garden sauna from the neighbours?

A garden sauna is a building that you can place anywhere on the plot. You can ensure intimacy additionally by installing blinds or shutters. In this way, you can avoid the prying eyes of neighbours and relax in comfort.